More Free Angel Soft at Fry’s (printable and insert coupon)


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There are new coupons over at Redplum this morning.  You can get more free Angel Soft at Fry’s through Tuesday. 

Angel Soft Bath Tissue (4 pack)   $1.00 (thru 2/4)
$0.45/1 Redplum (worth $1) NEW
$0.45/1 Angel Soft Bath Tissue 02/02/2014 RP Insert (exp 3/2/14) (worth $1)  NEW
$0.25/1 printable (RESET again on 1/27)
$0.45/1 Angel Soft Bath Tissue 1/5/2014 RP Insert (exp 2/5/14) (worth $1)
$0.55/1 Facebook (worth $1, CJ was able to print more, some are having trouble) (Thanks, Nicole & CJ!)
Final price:  FREE

Susan just let me know, it’s also 99¢ at Safeway thru 2/4.  Free after coupon!

There are quite a few other good coupons at Redplum, so take a look around and print what interests you.  The good ones don’t seem to stick around for long.


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Reader Feedback

8 Responses to “More Free Angel Soft at Fry’s (printable and insert coupon)”

  • Susan says:

    It is also $0.99 at Safeway thru 2/4

  • may says:

    is anyone else having a hard time printing from the redplum website or is it just me? I’ve tried it on 3 different computers and still have no luck on printing :(

    • Gina says:

      Hi May. I have Java on my computer and if I try to print using Firefox, it won’t work. I have to use Chrome. Not sure if that will make any difference for you. A lot of people were having trouble with this. I used Chrome, like always, and it printed without any problems. I hope you can get it to work. ~ Gina

      • may says:

        Thanks Gina. I tried IE but never thought of using chrome. I always forget about my other options. Downloading it now :)

    • Juli says:

      Emmalee left this comment on Facebook. Hope it works for you!

      “I found some advice from a reader on the Red Plum FB page that worked for me. It seems like lots of people are having problems with Red Plum coupons not printing. Here is the advice that worked for me. ” Here’s how to fix your printing problems if you use Windows. Go to control panel>java. Click the security tab, reduce security to medium. Print redplum coupons. Remember to change security back to high after printing.” Hope this helps others and Red Plum works on a fix so we do not have to do this!!!!”

  • Siggy says:

    2 weeks ago I had no problems with redplum. This week…. nothing works (I tried on 3 different computers). I did all the above, changed security setting on Windows, downloaded Chrome…. and still nothing. Hope they fix it soon! Love free toiletpaper! :)

    • Gina says:

      Sorry you are having trouble Siggy. I lot of people are. I’m not sure what the problem is if you tried all those other steps. Frustrating for sure! ~ Gina

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