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I went to Target last night and feel like I did really well!

Basically, I just went to the Target printable coupons and searched for Up & Up products.  This link should show you all of them.

Then, I loaded the 10% off ANY Up & Up product Cartwheel coupon.  It’s good for up to 50 items, through Saturday 3/1.  You can show the barcode on your mobile or print it out and show the cashier.  (By the way, the barcode never changes, so keep it for future trips, if you print it out.)

Then, also check your mobile coupons.  If you don’t get them, I think they will still come . . . text OFFERS to 827438 for a couple more.

We have some suggestions on the Target list, but there are really too many to list.  But, it’s worth checking out to get you inspired on some of the bargains.  Here are two samples . . .

Up & Up Hydrogen Peroxide   52¢ (reg. price may vary)   NEW
50¢/1 Target (gone if not coupon on top after clicking link, “first aid” coupon)
10% Target Cartwheel (exp.3/1 save 1¢-Details)
Final price:  1¢

Up & Up Ibuprofen (24 count)   $1.07 (reg. price)   NEW
$2/2 Up & Up Pain Relief Items Target Mobile Coupon (text OFFERS to 827438)
10% Target Cartwheel (exp.3/1 save 2¢ when you buy 2, Details)
Final price:  6¢ each when you buy 2

And, here’s my favorite non Up & Up bargain you can get also . . .

Market Pantry Frozen Vegetables (12 ounce)   99¢ (reg. price)   NEW
$0.75/1 Market Pantry Frozen Vegetables Target Mobile Coupon (text OFFERS to 827438)
$1/4 Target (gone if not coupon on top after clicking link, if wanted for getting four additional packs)
5% Target Cartwheel (exp. 5/3, save 2¢ on one w/ mobile-Details)
Final price:  As low as 22¢ each when you buy 1 (w/ mobile & Cartwheel)

And, one more — for my son’s Easter basket.  He’s a 13 yrs. old, but still gets a basket.  :)

Men’s Licensed Graphic Tees  $9.99 (sale thru 3/1)  NEW
20% Target Cartwheel (exp. 3/1, save $2 –Details)
Final price:  $7.99


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