Neuro Sleep ~ Another FREE w/ Digital Coupon at Safeway


There’s another digital coupon for FREE Neuro Sleep in Safeway’s JustforU.  It’s in the Coupon Center, so will be there for everyone.  If it’s not first, sort by “beverages” to find it quickly.

If you haven’t redeemed your other one, you should be able to get two.   (I’m not sure if you’re still able to load that or not, since I already did.)  I have no idea if this one will come off automatically, but the last one didn’t, for me or Susan.  :(   You may have to head to customer service, if it doesn’t.  Anyone else visit customer service more than you like!?!?  I get frustrated at Safeway’s receipts and the accuracy of their JustforU program, sales, etc.  But, you can get some great deals there, just ALWAYS WATCH!!

Neuro Sleep
Note:  This did not automatically come off for me.  :(
Customer service gave me a refund, when I showed my app, but . . . watch! ~ Juli (same happened to me ~ Susan)
Free Nuero Sleep Just for U digital (thru 4/18)
Free Nuero Sleep Just for U digital (thru 4/30)   NEW
Final price:  FREE

See the full Safeway match ups here.


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11 Responses to “Neuro Sleep ~ Another FREE w/ Digital Coupon at Safeway”

  • Arnold Semmons says:

    I have already loaded the first one; will load the other one today. I would say that 33-50% of the time, I have to stop at the customer service desk at Safeway because some discount didn’t come off properly. I’m sure they recognize me by now, I have been up there so many times. I’ve started saving all the receipts & when I have enough I am going to present them to the AZ Weights & Measures Dept and see if it’s worth bringing an action against them.

    • Juli says:

      I just got back from there, not shopping, just checking some prices. I decided to grab the Nuero and try self-checkout. Nope! I still have two loaded and neither one came off. I just scanned one bottle. I was in a hurry, so backed out and hit “cancel” and left it there. I usually don’t do that, but I wasn’t happy about not getting the deal and didn’t feel extra nice, to walk the product back to the shelf. I’m with you on my percentage, possibly even higher. :(

    • Arnold Semmons says:

      Update… the coupon didn’t come off automatically for me either. Had to go by the desk to get the $2.

  • Arnold Semmons says:

    Hello all,

    I am going to e-mail the consumer action reporter at Channel 15 in Phoenix with my stories of Safeway deals not being taken off automatically. If several other people do the same, maybe they will do a TV report which would pressure Safeway to be more accurate with pricing.

    If you live in the Phoenix, AZ area and have had problems with discounts being applied automatically to your receipt, please e-mail Joe Ducey at

    • Juli says:

      I hope it will cause them to evaluate their system and fix it!! Part of the problem is just trying to figure out how to read their receipt. It can be done, but it takes time and you can’t figure it out right away, while you’re watching things scan. That, combined with the fact that they’re often wrong = FRUSTRATING! After I get my receipt, I look at each item and apply my math and deciphering skill. Then, I either walk out or go to customer service. I feel like I can’t just walk to my vehicle and be confident I got the right price, unless I’m only buying a few things and have a target total in mind. Okay, venting done. I realize you understand! I hope we see some change! Thanks for doing that!

  • Jen says:

    I have to say, that even though the Safeway app has it’s troubles, I must say, I get WAY better deals than any other store app. LOTS of freebies and quite a few high value coupons — and not just mfr, but store cpns I can combine with paper cpns. I wish I could delete a coupon after loading, but other than that . . . I have been very lucky at the 3 stores close to my house. Cashiers are always very accommodating with discounting my bill if I catch it at the register. A couple of times, I have grabbed items from clearance shelf and they had to be manually entered as “misc item” and I explained that my j4u wouldn’t come off so they discounted it. Don’t get me wrong, having to go wait at customer service if I don’t catch it at the register or don’t want to hold up the cashier, is frustrating … but customer service has always been FAIRLY top notch. (both store and 800 # app assistance)I have had horrible experiences at fry’s that outweigh any safeway experience. Maybe your stores are a different experience, but I guess overall Safeway has consistently been my best couponing store.

    • Juli says:

      I’m glad you’ve had good experience at Safeway. I agree that you can get great prices there. I also like that their Buy 4 (or similar sales) only require you to buy “at least” that number and not in expect multiples.

      One thing I wanted to point out is that there isn’t much reason to unload their coupons, unless you just want to unclutter and see what you really want to get to. Their registers always let the “best coupon win” which I love.

      But, warning … the new and old Neutro coupons, both, did not come off for me. :( You’ll get to go talk to those nice people in customer service again. :) I also agree with that. They are nice about it in my store. Well, more neutral, but at least they don’t make me feel like a criminal. They definitely recognize me, but know that I’m probably right and not trying to rip them off — just want what I deserve.

      Did you see the news that Albertsons is buying Safeway? I hope some of their kinks get worked out, but that the $1 coupon value move to Albertons and not vice versa!!

  • maria renfrow says:

    I had to go to two different Safeway’s in Tucson and lucked out the cashier had also gotten the neuro sleep and I automatically came off, or she was willing to do it for me. Also had a coupon for danimals four pack strawberry Greek yogurt and one for simple sensitive skin travel size face wash

    • Juli says:

      Glad the Neuro worked out for you and you snagged some other good deals! I’m out of town, but asked Gina or Susan to check on the specifics of the Simple face wash — mostly price, I guess. I also can’t test the coupon, but I’m assuming you used the printable from, unless it excludes travel. We’ll check into it, or if you know those details, let us know. Thanks so much!

  • maria renfrow says:

    The coupon for the travel size simple sensitive was a coupon on my Safeway coupons that said free and I added it to my card also the danimal yogurt was on my Safeway digital coupon for free. I currently don’t have ink for my printer, so been mainly using any and all digital coupons for Safeway. Also for any of you Tucson shoppers always look in the back of the store where employees go through the double doors to the back part of the store they always have shelves back there of really good clearance products. And to think I used to never shop Safeway, thought it was too expensive, not anymore with all the free or cheap brand name products. I owe my good friend Christina a lot she introduced me to couponing and your website.

    • Juli says:

      Ahhh, that’s where it came from. I was thinking it was the printable, but it excluded travel. Thanks for the tip for Tucson shoppers. I hope some see it and take advantage of it!

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