99¢ Custom Greeting Cards TODAY ONLY ~ Even Schedule When You Want Sent!


For only 99¢, you can customize a greeting card (any occasion or reason!).  The best part . . .  you can schedule when you’d like the card to be sent!  I love this for my busy, forgetful brain.

Imagine how many peoples’ days you can brighten, with a name and even a personalized picture — on a card coming from you!  (If you don’t have time to go through photos and do too many customizations, they have options for you, too!)

You will only pay the cost of regular postage, if you want them mailed to the recipient!

Go to CardStore and create cards TODAY and pay only 99¢ per card!

You’ll need to enter the code: CCE4399 (end TODAY, Thursday, 3/17)


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