FREE Zoo Guide Download ~ Christian/Creationist Perspective


When my kids were younger, we used the spiral bound version of this, when we visited the zoo.  It has a simple layout and a few easy to understand facts about each animal.  Right now, you can get the Zoo Guide download for FREE.  It’s in a PDF format.  You have to download it by March 24, 2014 or it goes up to $7.99.

It is all from a Christian/Creation perspective, from the organization called Answers in Genesis.  Their conference (and now website) was a pivotal piece in my husband’s search for answers on his worldview, in college.  He is very analytical/science minded, so all the conflicting information out there had him wondering.  He was full of questions about the Bible and the world around him.  So, this is my “warning” for those of you who are not wanting a Christian/Creation perspective . . . well, it is.  And, if you’re looking for answers to origin questions and beyond, their website is an easy to use resource.

I’m not posting this to create conflict . . . nobody has to download it.  But, we found it as a valuable tool and a free download is better than the $14.99 we paid, long ago.  Yes, I still remember.  They didn’t have the smaller pocket guide.  Ours was full size.  Since I’m ancient, I don’t even know if I knew about downloads then!  :)


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6 Responses to “FREE Zoo Guide Download ~ Christian/Creationist Perspective”

  • Sarah says:

    I love Answers in Genesis! I’m downloading this! Thanks so much for posting! ;o)

    • Juli says:

      Glad you like them. We use some of their curriculum for homeschool and have been to their museum. We’re waiting for them to build their Ark Encounter and we’ll go back. Glad you got the download!

      • Sarah says:

        Yes, we homeschool as well and have been to the Creation Museum! I want to take them back when they are teenagers and also see the ark at that time! (They are 4 & 7 now.) ;o)

        • Juli says:

          My kids are at the age where I think they’ll remember things, but we’ll see. :) They are 10, 12, and almost 14. We’ve actually gone twice, but once was very fast since we didn’t have much time. We take a lot of road trips, so we weave our way by there. :) Enjoy it, whenever you make it there!

  • Gail says:

    Please be clear in your title. This guide is from a creationist’s viewpoint, NOT a Christian one. The majority of Christians are not creationists. This is anti-science.

    • Juli says:

      I modified it to make it more clear. I don’t agree that it’s anti-science. That’s mostly what their website is about . . . the science behind creation. But, I do not expect you to change your views. It was a freebie available for those who wanted it. Just like all don’t eat junk food like Snickers, not all will want this. I understand.

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