In-N-Out ~ Chandler (& Peoria!) Library Reading Program = 3 FREE Burgers for 4-12 yr. Olds


We recently used out last voucher from last year, so it reminded me to check into this again.  It’s happening now!

You have through April 12th, to turn in your forms.

Update:  Amy said the Peoria libraries are also doing this.  It may be more widespread than I thought, so check your local library!  (Thanks, Amy!)

We love this In-N-Out sponsored Chandler library reading program.

  • Read five books, get a coupon for a FREE burger
  • Each child (4 – 12 yrs old) can read up to 15 books, getting THREE FREE BURGERS
  • Form simply requires you to write down the book titles & for a parent to sign it
  • You can turn in all 15 titles (same form) at once
  • Forms need to be turned in by April 12th

You can pick up a form from any of the four Chandler library branches.  Last year, my not-so-responsible-all-the-time daughter lost the form we had picked up.  She wrote the titles on a paper and then had to transfer them to a new form when she got there.  So, I’m guessing they’ll be fine with a written list, but be prepared to transfer the titles.  This would save you from making two trips, especially if you don’t live very close to the locations.


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9 Responses to “In-N-Out ~ Chandler (& Peoria!) Library Reading Program = 3 FREE Burgers for 4-12 yr. Olds”

  • Joanie says:

    Do you just need the list of titles when you go in or the author’s too? Thanks in advance!

    • Juli says:

      I haven’t picked up our forms yet, but we do it every year. You would think that I could remember. I’m pretty sure it’s only titles, but I’m afraid to say that with 100% certainty. I’m thinking of going out to Rita’s tomorrow for our free Italian Ice and then heading down to get them from the Chandler library on Ray. If we do, I’ll let you know when I get back. Sorry that I don’t know for sure.

    • Juli says:

      I just got my forms and am now 100% sure . . . only titles. :)

  • Nicole h says:

    Do you need to be a chandler resident?

    • Juli says:

      I am, but they’ve never asked for my library card, when I’ve requested the form or turned them in. They also have agreements between libraries and you can even check out books in another city, but I’m fairly sure you’re able to do it.

    • Juli says:

      I just walked in and got my forms, no questions asked. I was even missing a kid and they gave me all I needed. I think it will be the same, when you turn them in.

  • Amy says:

    They are doing this at the Peoria library also so it could be at all of the libraries around Phoenix. Definitely worth asking at your local library. Gotta love free food!

    • Juli says:

      Good to know! I’ll add a note to the post. I’m also calling my sister now. She lives there and could use some FREE in her life! :) Thanks!

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