Pogo Pass Holders ~ Request Rattlers Tickets Now! (Everyone Else, Get a Pass!)


For those of you have purchased Pogo Passes, go to their website and request tickets to upcoming Rattler’s games.  They have released the dates!  The only date you can request now is April 5th, but mark your calendar for the other ones and request them two weeks before the game.

If you haven’t gotten passes yet . . . consider it!  Think of all the summer fun you can pack in and still have leftovers for other times during the year!

Get up to $1500 worth of fun for only $39.98.


You only have a few days to also be entered to win an iPad.  So, if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it by March 31st, just in case the winner is going to be you.  Wouldn’t that be nice!?!  Let us know if it ends up being you!

Here’s what it includes:
To purchase:  Go to the Pogo Pass website and use the code BARGAIN to get it all for $39.98

  • Sunsplash (anytime, beginning May 10, 2014)
  • Sea Life Aquarium (TWO visits, anytime)
  • Phoenix Zoo (TWO visits, anytime)
  • Diamondbacks Games (TWO games)
    Note:  The season is over and it’s not sure that this will be included next year, so ??
  • Rattlers Games (THREE games, dates will be added for next season)
  • Arizona Museum of Natural History (anytime)
  • ASU Sporting Events (women’s basketball, soccer, wrestling, volleyball, gymnastics, track and field)
  • Enchanted Island (FOUR visits, Fridays & Saturdays, most rides included)
  • Jump Street (TWO visits, Monday & Wednesdays, Chandler or Glendale)
  • Phoenix Rock Gym (TWO visits, gear is $5, if needed)
  • Tempe Paintball (TWELVE visits, one per month, not Saturdays,  includes gun rental, air & 100 paintballs!)
  • National Comedy Theatre (SIX visits, Fri. and Sat., with occasional Thurs.  Seating is limited.  Call the theatre to reserve seating.)
  • Skateland & Great Skate  (TWO visits per month, skate rental not included, but can bring your own)
  • Brunswick Zone  (TWO visits per week, shoe rental not included, excludes Sat. and some other special days)

To purchase:  Go to the Pogo Pass website and use the code BARGAIN to get it all for $39.98


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