99¢ + Stamp = Great April Fool’s Joke! ~ Traffic Violation, Expecting Baby, & More!

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If you want a simple April Fool’s joke, I have one for you . .  for just 99¢ plus the cost of a stamp!

CardStore has cards with a “joke” on the front . . . like you’re expecting a baby or they got a traffic violation.  On the back it says, “April Fools!”

Use code:  CCE4320 (valid through 4/2/14)

The problem would be to get them delivered exactly on April 1st.  I guess it wouldn’t have to be exact, but it would be much better!  If I was going to be around (will be out of town), I’d have it delivered to my home and then have it on the counter, when my husband got home from work.  I’d choose the red light violation and ask him what was up.  He’s never been pulled over . . . ever.  (Well, there was the time he was in the carpool lane and I had a terrible headache and laid down, out of view.   The officer was surprised when I sat up.)  This card would be perfect for my law-abiding husband!  :)

Here’s the card.  You can edit the details like city, intersection, name, etc.  There are others, too!


Red Light Joke - April Fools Day Card _______________________________________________________

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