Albertsons Arizona Grocery Deals & Coupon Match Ups ~ 3/26/14 – 4/1/14


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Keep collection your stamps for Monopoly ~ thru 5/20.

Frozen Food Month ~ Purchase $10 or more in participating frozen items, receive a code at checkout to register and enter for a tropical vacation.  See ad/store for more details.

25% off all wine (750 ml+) when you buy 6 bottles.

It’s been known that Saving Star works at Albertsons, but we didn’t really know how since they don’t use loyalty cards.  They said you could get a Upromise keytag, but when Juli and I asked at customer service, they had no clue what we were talking about.  Josh from Saving Star gave us the info!  Yea!  “Contact the stores’ customer support team at 877-932-7948. Please let them know that you use SavingStar and you will need to be issued a “Upromise keytag”. Customer support will ask for your information and you will then be sent a keytag in the mail which you can register in your SavingStar account as the loyalty card number for ACME, Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, or Shaw’s.”

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Deals Matched with Coupons:

Reynolds Baking Cups  (36 count)  50¢
$1/2 printable (This prints thru Redplum. I used to not have a problem w/ Redplum as long as I used Chrome, but it wouldn’t let me print in Chrome or FF. I had to use IE. So, try to switch browsers if it doesn’t work for you. I finally got it. Hopefully, you do too. If you are worried about experimenting and reaching a print limit, print one of the others until you can get it to work.)
$0.55/2 Reynolds Baking Cups 03/30/2014 SS Insert (exp 5/31/14) (future, if we get it)
Final price:  2 for FREE (If they run out, grab a raincheck at customer service.)

Nissin Big Cup Noodles   25¢
B3G1 Nissin Big Cup Noodles 02/02/2014 SS Insert (exp 4/6/14)
Final price:  19¢ each when you buy 4

Michelina’s Zap Ems Entree   50¢
$1/5 printable
Final price:  30¢ each when you buy 5

Alberto VO5 Shampoo or Conditioner   75¢
$1/4 printable (register)
Final price:  50¢ each when you buy 4

Campbell’s Condensed Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soup   75¢
$0.40/4 Campbell’s Condensed Chicken Noodle, Tomato or Cream of Mushroom Soup 02/09/2014 SS Insert (exp 4/6/14)
$0.40/3 (gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link)
Final price:  61¢ each when you buy 3

Dannon Oikos or Light & Fit Yogurt   $1.00
$1/3 Dannon Oikos 01/26/2014 SS Insert (exp 3/26/14)
Final price:  67¢ each when you buy 3

Clorox Bleach (55-64 oz)  $1.49  (must buy 2)
$0.75/1 printable (rate Clorox Cleaner, get coupon on ANY Clorox product, print 2)
Final price:  74¢  each when you buy 2 (bonus monopoly)

Hershey’s, Mars or Nestle King Size Candy   $1.25
$1/3 Reese’s Product 02/23/2014 SS Insert (exp 4/20/14)
Final price:  92¢ each when you buy 3

Zest Body Wash, 18 oz or Bar Soap, 3 pack   $2.00
$1/1 (gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link)
$0.50/1 Facebook (Bar Soap)
$0.75/1 Facebook (Body Wash)
$1/3 printable (Body Wash)
Final price:  As low as $1.00

Hungry Jack Hashbrown Potatoes   $1.50
$0.50/1 Hungry Jack Hashbrown Potatoes 01/26/2014 SS Insert (exp 3/26/14)
$1/2 printable
$0.50/1 printable
Final price:  $1.00

Pictsweet Steam’ables or Deluxe Veggies (10-14 oz)   $1.67
$0.50/1 Pictsweet Product 03/02/2014 RP Insert (exp 6/30/14)
Final price:  $1.17

Planters Peanut Butter (15-16.3 oz)   $1.88  (limit 2)
$1/2 (gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link)
Final price:  $1.38 each when you buy 2

Hot Pockets or Lean Pocket   $2.00
$1/2 Facebook
Final price:  $1.50 each when you buy 2 (bonus monopoly)

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls or Omelets   $2.50
$1/1 printable (excludes bowls)
Final price:  $1.50

Kellogg’s Cereal (11-15 oz)  $2.50  (Buy 4, get 1 free Gallon Albertsons Milk FREE)
Shown in ad:  Special K Granola and Mini Wheats
$1/3 Kellogg’s Cereal 03/02/2014 RP Insert (exp 4/13/14)
$0.70/1 printable (Smart Start, if included, others available to print)
$0.70/1 Kellogg’s Krave S’Mores Cereal 02/16/2014 RP Insert (exp 03/30/14) (if included)
$0.70/1 Kellogg’s Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Chocolate Almond Cereal 02/16/2014 RP Insert (exp 03/30/14) (if included)
$1/2 Checkout 51 (Froot Loops, Apple Jacks, phone app, future cash back, new offers on Thursday) 
Final price:  As low as $2.25  each when you buy 4, plus free milk (less depending on varieties included)

Breyers Gelato (28.5 oz)   $3.99
$1.50/1 Facebook
$1/1 (gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link)
Final price:  As low as $2.49

Blue Bell Ice Cream or Cups (64 oz or 12 count)   $3.99 (limit 2)
$1/1 printable (register, click on coupon tab at bottom, half gallon)
Final price:  $2.99

Gorton’s Grilled Salmon or Tilapia (6.3 oz)   $3.50
$0.50/1 Gorton’s Seafood Product 02/02/2014 SS Insert (exp 5/10/14)
$0.50/1 Gorton’s Seafood Product 03/02/2014 RP Insert (exp 6/7/14)
$0.50/1 Gorton’s Seafood Product 01/05/2014 SS Insert (exp 4/12/14)
$1/2 printable
Final price:  $3.00

Angel Soft Bath Tissue (8-24 rolls, 12 double rolls shown) or Sparkle Paper Towels (6-8 rolls)  $3.88 (must buy 2, limit 1 reward)
$0.45/1 Angel Soft 03/23/2014 RP Insert (exp 4/23/14)
$0.45/1 Redplum (Angel Soft, gone, use if printed)
$0.25/1 printable (Angel Soft)
$0.55/1 Facebook (Angel Soft, double rolls)
$1/1 Sparkle Product 03/23/2014 RP Insert (exp 4/30/14)
Final price:  As low as $3.10 each when you buy 2 (1 Angel Soft and 1 Sparkle) (bonus monopoly)

Fisher Boy Fish Sticks (3 pound bag)   $4.99
$0.75/1 printable
Final price:  $4.24

Deals without coupons:

Maruchan Ramen Noodles 20¢

Kool-Aid Drink Mix 20¢ (bonus monopoly)

Green Onions (bunch) 25¢

Hunt’s Tomato Sauce (8 oz) 25¢

La Moderna Pasta (7 oz) 25¢

Maruchan Instant Lunch 25¢

Radishes, Cilantro or Garlic 50¢ each

Essential Everyday Canned Vegetables, Tomatoes or Beans 50¢

Essential Everyday Pasta (12-16 oz) 50¢

Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix or Pizza Mix 50¢

Banquet Pot Pies 50¢

Quaker Quakes Rice Cakes 75¢

Essential Everyday Powdered or Brown Sugar (1 pound) 75¢

Hostess Single Serve Snack Cakes 75¢

Cucumbers 75¢

Albertsons Sour Cream (16 oz) $1.00

Red, Green or Romaine Lettuce $1.00

Roma Tomatoes $1.00 / lb

Kraft Marshmallows or Marshmallow Creme $1.00

Essential Everyday Brownie Mix or Frosting $1.67

Pillsbury All Purpose Flour (5 pounds) $1.88 (limit 2)

Essential Everyday Granulated Sugar (4 pounds) $1.88 (limit 2)

Albertsons Water, 24 Pack $1.88 (limit 4)

Doritos or Ruffles Chips $1.99 (must buy 3, limit 1 reward)

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (any size package) $1.99 / lb

Essential Everyday Apple Juice or Cider or Sunny D Punch $1.99

Seedless Watermelon $2.99 (limit 1)

Ground Beef, 85% Lean (3 pounds or more) $2.99 / lb

Culinary Circle Pizza $3.00 (must buy 3, limit 1 reward)

Margherita Genoa, Hard Salami or Pepperoni (sliced in the deli) $4.99 / lb (bonus monopoly)

Sanderson Farms Tray Pack Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast or Thighs $5.99 / lb, Buy One / Get Two Free (= $2/lb)

Atlantic Salmon Fillet $6.99 / lb

Boneless Center Cut Pork Loin Chops (any size package) $7.99 / lb, Buy One / Get Two Free (= $2.66/lb)

Tyson Bacon (16 oz) $7.99, Buy One / Get One Free (=$4 each)

Pepsi, Coke or 7Up 12 Pack Cans 4 / $10.88 (must buy 4, limit 1 reward, mix & match, w/ min. $25 purchase, look for previous printable coupons for coke)
Not sure if Dr. Pepper will be included, but here is a coupon for Diet Dr. Pepper $1/1 printable 

+ Check out their weekly ad.
+ They take coupons at face value.
+ Get 5¢ off for each reusable bag you bring in and is used.
+ Confused?  Abbreviations & Albertson’s Store policies
+ Multiple manufacturers’ coupons are listed, but you can only use one for each product purchased
+ All listed coupons with dates come from Sunday newspaper inserts.
+ Get coupons in the Arizona Republic for $1 per month (3 months, then cancel or pay full) HERE!  (Wed. & Sun. delivery)
+ They do not accept eCoupons.
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