FREE Disney Cruise DVD & Tips from Me! :)

I just came across this, as I was looking for something else.  This is where it all started with us.  I warn you.  :)

You can request a FREE Disney Cruise DVD.  We’re getting ready to take our second Disney cruise soon.  Our last one was LOVED by my whole family, all ages.  We’re taking my mom on this one and expect her to love it, too!

I wouldn’t call it a budget trip, but keep in mind that they include so much.  All your lodging, more food than you want, and most of your entertainment is included in the price.  (Don’t forget that they’ll have suggested tips, though.)

I encourage you to stalk their website, looking at prices.  See if you can learn when they lower prices on the cruise you want.  I haven’t totally figured it out, but by trial, error, and waiting . . . you can find the same cruise for much cheaper, if your dates can be flexible or if you’re just on at the right moment.  Last year, we went when kids sailed free.  (They didn’t do that promo this year.)  We have three kids and they ALL got to go for free.  It was a super rate.  Keep looking!!

Here’s a tip someone gave me, if you go (Thanks, Colleen!) . . .  Leave something at the desk for the characters to sign.  It can be an article of clothing, tote bag, etc.   We did photo mats.  I bought frames, took the mats out, and put them in a huge Ziploc bag.  At the end of the cruise, we picked them up and have a great keepsake for favorite photos!  (You can ask for all princesses or no princesses, if you have a lover or hater in your family.)  :)   Colleen said people also put goodies of some kind in the bag, with their items, like a snack of some kind.  How about those free Haribo gummy bears?  :)

Oh, another tip . . . check out Costco’s website.  Sometimes, their rates are cheaper and they often give you a Cash Card bonus.  We got one this year, but weren’t able to last year since the were sold out of the “Kids Sail Free” offers.

I hope some of you get an opportunity to go sometime.   You’ll love it!

On a related note:  If you’re interested in a FREE Disney Parks DVD, you can go here to request it, through March 31st.


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4 Responses to “FREE Disney Cruise DVD & Tips from Me! :)”

  • Christa says:

    I’ve been wanting to take the family on a cruise – where have you gone with Disney?

    • Juli says:

      We’ve been on other cruises (w/o kids), but Disney is so great for families. The evening entertainment (and beyond) is kid-friendly which is really nice.

      We did the 5-night Caribbean cruise last year and we’re doing the 4-night Bahama cruise soon. Honestly, I hardly care where we go. It’s the whole boat experience that is amazing. :)

      I hope you get to take one sometime!

  • Gina says:

    You’re welcome. Glad you found it useful. ~ Gina

  • James says:

    You are my inspiration , I have few web logs and very sporadically run out from to brand.

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