Frozen DVD & Blu-ray Deals


I’ve had a couple people email or leave a comment asking where they can get the movie Frozen for a good deal.

Amazon:  The DVD is $14.96 or the combo pack is $19.96.  (You would have to order other items, getting to $25 $35 (Gone up.  Thank, Tricia!) to get free shipping, unless you have a Prime membership).

Walmart: The DVD is $14.96 or the combo pack is $19.96.  You can go to the store and get it or order it online and have it ready to be picked up, for free.  Or, shipping is free if you spend $50 or more.

Notes:  Rebecca found $3 a coupon on the Boboli pizza crust, at Walmart.  (Thanks, Rebecca!)

Note #2: At Walmart in the frozen food area, (Eggo waffles) there are peelies attached to them with codes for Kellogg Family Rewards.  Enter the code and you can print a $5 coupon for Frozen.  (Thanks, Amie!)

Note #3:  Amie says she has extra codes for the $5 Frozen coupon, through Kellogg’s Family Rewards.  If you want one, reply to her comment below.  You can leave your email and she can email it to you.  (Thank, Amie!)

Target:  The DVD is $14.99 or the combo pack is $19.99. Buy a $20+ Frozen toy and get $5 off the Blu-ray automatically.  Their website has them on backorder, so you will need to go to the store to get it.

Sam’s Club:  Combo is $24.96 and you get a free Anna Disney Infinity character.  (Thank, Mandi!)

Walgreens:  They DVD is $16.99.  (Thanks, Brittney!)
Or, starting tomorrow (Wed., 3/19) here are the grocery store deals/prices we know about.

SafewayThe DVD will be $18.99 and combo pack $24.99.  If you buy one of those, you’ll get a couple freebies: Fuji water, Popchips, & Thinaddictives.

Fry’s:  The DVD is $19.99 and you can get $5 off if you buy Energizer Max Batteries.  (I don’t know the price of those.)

Albertsons:  DVD $19.99, no bonus

Anyone know of anything better?


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20 Responses to “Frozen DVD & Blu-ray Deals”

  • amie says:

    At Walmart in the frozen food area, (eggo waffles) there are peelies attached to them with codes for Kellogg family rewards. Enter the code and you can print a 5dollar off coupons for frozen. Makes the blue ray combo pack 14.96 at Walmart

    • Juli says:

      Nice! I’ll add another note to the post. Rebecca just told me (on Facebook) that there are $3 coupons on the Boboli pizza crusts. Sounds like Walmart is the place for coupons! Thank you!

  • Mandi says:

    Sams club has it for 24.96 Blu Ray combo. But it also comes with an Anna Disney Infinity character!

  • Brittney reichley says:

    Walgreens also had it and I believe it was $16.99 for the DVD not sure on the blue ray price

  • AMIE says:

    fyi, i work for the movie vendor in walmarts and sams club. all combo packs with the ana/elsa infinity figurines are completely sold out and there is no replenishment on this item, even though it is advertised. i really hate when they advertise something like this, knowing that most stores only received a few of the promotional items. i have vented my concerns to my company as well. if anyone needs codes for the coupon let me know, i have tons!

    • Juli says:

      Thanks for offering the codes and the update. I’ll make a note on the post above for people to reply to your comment here, if they want one. Thank you!

    • Juli says:

      Hey, Aime! I just wanted to make sure you saw all the comments below, with people wanting codes. People are taking you up on your offer! Thanks so much! Also, if you have any advice for Kim, that would be great. I’m not sure how it works. Thank you!

    • Davis P says:

      Do you still have any codes left? Thanks for offering! Let me know or I will just go buy it anyways :)

    • Susan says:

      I would love a coupon code – actually 2 codes if you can do that :)

      Thanks so much!

  • Ali says:

    I would love a coupon for Frozen. My email is

  • Diane Maxam says:

    I would love a coupon to please :) Thank you

  • Taffy Bohm says:

    Hi, Amie! I would truly appreciate a $5 coupon code from you, if you still have one available, please? Thank you so very much! Take care!

  • Taffy Bohm says:

    Oops!! Amie, I didn’t leave my email addy on my last post. :-) it is :
    Thanks again!!! Take care!

  • Kim says:

    Anyone get the $5 off to work on Kelloggs Family Rewards? I mean anyone been able to print the coupon, if so what am I missing here?/ I enter the code, then nothing, it just adds 50 points to my account.

  • Noah Broessel says:

    Amie, I would like a code please! I know you can get the $5 coupon by purchasing 3 boxes of Kellogg’s Fruit Snacks but I would MUCH prefer if you can email me one instead. I want to buy Frozen from Target and get an Infinity figure for 1/2 off this week. Wal-Mart REALLY ticked me off and I posted something on their FB page. One store has a cardboard ad featuring the Frozen/figure “exclusive” at the entrance, when you go to Electronics the kid working there said they NEVER even got ONE copy! That is deceptive advertising, similar to bait and switch. Essentially, they get tons of customers coming in to get the exclusive deal (an Infinity figure for $2) and when it’s not there most of them end up buying the regular blu-ray or dvd that everyone else is selling. Their ad had it on the front cover and inside the ad yet some stores got 0-3 units? While I will shop there occasionally, tack on another reason I HATE Wal-Mart!

  • Michael says:

    Hello Amie. If you have any more codes to be able to get the $5 coupon for Frozen I would love some. my email is
    Thank you for your generosity.

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