How Will the Albertsons & Safeway Merger Affect Arizona?


Well, the answer to the above question is ??

If I’m understanding, what I quickly read last night, this isn’t 100% official yet.  It’s still open for other bids.  But, it looks like the parent company of Albertsons is buying Safeway and it’s going through.  If it does, things take time.  So, I wouldn’t panic yet.  (For articles to read, just do an internet search, they are all over the place!)

Then . . . ??  There are, at least, two theories, with some questions within those . . ..

#1  — Since Albertsons is the one buying Safeway, Albertsons non-coupon-doubling policy will become Safeway’s.  If you want to go further with the doom and gloom . . . Fry’s will follow since they won’t have to keep up with Safeway anymore.

#2 — Fry’s and Safeway will be fighting it out for the number one position in Arizona.  They will attempt to attract as much of the market as they can and price will remain (or get even more!) competitive.

Which one do you think?  I can be convinced either way.  It think I started at #1, but am at #2 now.  :)  Any other theories?

I’m a wait and see kind of person.  I’ll adapt to whatever they throw at us, but . . . I hope $1 value coupons stick around for another 50 years or so.  I  can dream, right?  :)


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9 Responses to “How Will the Albertsons & Safeway Merger Affect Arizona?”

  • Arnold Semmons says:

    Built into the deal is a 21-day “go shop” period, letting a rival bidder make an offer. If Kroger or another bidder makes an offer during the go shop period, then Safeway has 15 days to enter talks with that bidder. Somebody is going to end up owning Safeway. Usually, with fewer competitors, prices are higher.

  • Allison says:

    If this happens, people are saying it will be the end of 2014. We’ve got time though. I’m hoping Fry’s keeps their policy ~ without their $1 value policy, their prices are still pretty high so more people will go to Albertson’s. Some of the best deals I’ve seen in your match-ups for Albertson’s (I don’t have one to shop at…yet?) are for eggs or milk mostly. In all of the articles I’ve read, so many people hate Albertson’s! They always say they have terrible customer service and high prices – they’re like a pricey Walmart. Who knows what will happen now ~ but here’s my hopeful theories:
    1. Albertson’s may take Safeway’s policy because they don’t seem to have a good standing with majority of customers. Then Fry’s could keep their policy to be competing with Albertson’s instead.
    2. They might just cut their policy, or only double-value the coupons and do price matches.
    I’m hoping for #1, but we’ll see what these big-wig company people come up with. I’ll still take double-value over face-value!

  • Ruth says:

    Today I read comments on CNN by someone who previously worked for Albertson’s who said management is known for not having good relations with employees, severely overworking them and making everybody miserable. This person seemed very credible. I’m not looking forward to the change. My game plan is if I have to, WalMart will become my go to store.

    • Juli says:

      That’s what I told my husband. If nobody doubles anymore, it takes my incentive to shop there away. I can do a one stop shop at Walmart. Sure, there are hassles there, but I’m not sure they are any worse than driving to two stores. I’m hoping for the best, though!

  • Sarah says:

    I HOPE Albertsons takes over and adopts the $1 coupon policy….that would be awesome! I’m not too much of a fan of Safeway anyway!

  • MJ says:

    This is news to me and I’m so sad!! Sorry, but I hate Albertson’s. I only go there about twice a year to grab a freebie coupon deal. Their stock of items is pathetic and their prices high. I have a super nice Safeway (it’s a larger store not a small one) near me that has an awesome selection of fresh produce including organics, raw nuts, etc. I also get great deals on my Just4U. It is only a 5 minute walk, and I would hate for the Albertson’s culture to take over this store.

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