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I’m reposting this since leaving a bunch of emails unanswered stresses me out.  I know, I know . . . just go enjoy my vacation.  I will — now you know . . . TWICE!  :)

From Saturday, March 29th – April 14th, please leave comments under the appropriate post and the person who works on that list will see them.  Or, you can leave questions/comments on Facebook.  Or . . . email Gina directly, gina@bargainbeliever.com.

I wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be on vacation soon.   I don’t always tell you since I usually work when I’m on vacation, especially keeping up with the emails I receive.  You usually can’t even tell that I’m gone.  :)  But, this time I’ll be without internet.  Well, I could have it, but I’m much too cheap to pay for it!!  And, I know I’ll be having too much fun to care.  We’ll be at sea!

I’m calling it our “second in a lifetime trip” with my mom.  She took my sisters and I (with families) to Hawaii last October, knowing she may not have long to live.  She did great for a long time, but now doctors are saying she only has a “couple” to “few” months to live.  That was two months ago and she’s still feeling well.  So . . . the chance for a “second in a lifetime” trip is now.

We’re taking her on a four night Disney cruise out of Florida and then spending some time with her in the area.  After that, she’ll fly home and we’ll rent a car and drive up to Maryland to visit my father-in-law.  We have a big, fun adventure coming up — all planned within the last week.  Well, I should say, “partly planned.”  :(  We have so many other things to figure out.   Throw doing our taxes in there, with “regular life,” and I’m feeling a tad bit stressed.  Thankfully, I have a super team of gals who help me out.  So, you won’t even miss me — as I’m going insane before I leave or while I’m gone.  :)

I’ll post this one more time before I leave, to hope more people see it.  I hate for you to have questions and email me, but not get a reply.  Just so you know, if I don’t reply (anytime), that means something happened.  It either went to my spam folder or I did something stupid (like brainlessly deleting and not realizing it was a personal email or ??).  I really try to reply to emails, usually within a few hours, usually even sooner.

Yes, I know I just gave you the dates that I’ll be vacating my house.  But, you don’t know if we have an alarm, if anyone is staying here, or the watchful neighbors I might have.  Basically, I kindly ask you not to come rob my house, even if you are savvy enough to figure out where I live.  Thanks for that little courtesy!  :)

~ Juli

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3 Responses to “Juli is Gone (Soon!) ~ Email Gina or Leave Comments Under Posts”

  • Mia S. says:

    Hi Juli,
    Will you be on the ship Fantasy? My daughter and her husband are performers on that ship.

    • Juli says:

      Darn — we’ll be on the Dream. Last year, we were on the Wonder. Maybe this means we’ll have to take another one! :) I hope you’ve been able to go see them!

  • Mia S. says:

    We plan to this summer…she’s playing Mary Poppins ( one of my all-time favorite characters!) so we are really excited!! This will be our first cruise ever, and I have lots of questions. Sure wish I could have chatted with you about your cruise experience. Enjoy your “Dream” vacay :)

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