Albertsons ~ Super Wine Deal Thru 4/29

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This deal was super great on April 5th as they made all wine 30% off when you buy 6 or more bottles.  But, it’s still great with the regular 10% off.

Eryn let me know that in the monthly Albertsons coupon booklet (which you can find hanging on clips throughout the store or visit customer service) you can find a $40 off grocery coupon when you buy 6 select alcohol products.  Also, when you buy 6 or more bottles you get 10% off.  That’s a standard deal, no coupons needed.   Keep your eyes peeled also as several people found hangtag coupons on the wine and Capt. Morgans!  That will bring your total even lower.

The coupon lists the varieties that are eligible for the $40 in free groceries.  The sale price for the Once Upon a Vine Wine is $8.88 it shows when you buy 6 or more, you’ll save 10%,   Buy 6 bottles and you’ll pay $48.00 for the wine.  Now, go shopping for groceries.  You can see all the Albertsons deals and match ups here.  It’ll be super easy to get to $40, with all the great deals they have.

You need to buy $40.01 in groceries to use the coupon.  At Fry’s and Safeway, as long as you were at $40.01  in groceries, you could use paper coupons to get your total even lower.  Hopefully, it works the same at Albertsons.

The wine will cost you $48.00.
Your groceries will be at least $40.01.
Your total will be at least $88.01.
Then, they will minus off the $40 coupon and any other paper coupons you have.
Your grand total will be $48.01 or less.

I like to look at it as getting the 6 bottles of wine for 8¢ and then I’m just buying the groceries that I’d buy normally.  And it isn’t like you aren’t getting a great deal on the groceries anyway.   Plus, keep an eye out for hangtag coupons on the wine to make this deal even better.

If you don’t want the wine, Smirnoff Vodka or Captain Morgan Spiced Rum is $12.99.  Other alcohol items are included on the coupon.

I almost wish a drank!  :)  We use the wine for cooking.  We put white wine in our mexican rice and red wine in our pasta sauce.  If you don’t drink, think about a nice housewarming gift or a gift to bring when going to a party.

(Thanks, Eryn for finding the coupon!)


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Reader Feedback

7 Responses to “Albertsons ~ Super Wine Deal Thru 4/29”

  • erica says:

    I’ve been waiting for a deal like this to come back! It’s ONLY Saturday? Not weeks like the Fry’s deal? Also, do you think they will run out of those coupon books by Saturday? (Should I stop in and get one or two today?) Thanks Eryn and Gina!

    • Gina says:

      Hey Erica. You can do it any day through 4/29 which is when the $40 coupon expires. But, usually wine is only 10% off when you buy 6. So, the best deal on the wine would be $7.99 when you buy 6 bottles, so a total of $47.94. So, you’d end up paying $7.94 for 6 bottles. Still a great deal, but this Saturday is a special 30% off. So, I’d go that day. :)

      • Gina says:

        Oh, I forgot about the coupon book. My store always has tons on chip clips all over the store. I doubt anybody but us couponers will be snagging them up, so you’re probably fine waiting. But, if you’re driving by, you may want to play it safe and stop in. :) ~ Gina

  • erica says:

    thank you so much! Going first thing tomorrow. And probably once or twice after that! $8 for 6 bottles still isn’t bad! :)

    • Gina says:

      You’re welcome Erica. I hope everything works smoothly for you. I figure I’ll probably go too and just stock up on chicken! Hopefully, over the next few weeks, they’ll have a good deal on pork chops or meat that you can stock up on while getting the wine. I agree $8 isn’t bad at all!
      ~ Gina

  • Keith says:

    I end up making $2.24 buying 6 bottles of BV coastal estates. Did the deal twice and the cashier was really nice about it.. Plus side of all of this is my mom brings a bottle to every party she goes to and we love the wine!! I didn’t think a deal like frys had would ever come around again! Thanks so much bargain believer!!!!

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