Free Pair of Prescription Glasses from Coastal (just pay shipping)


This offer is back!  You can get your first pair of prescription glasses from Coastal for free!

I got a back up pair for myself and one for my son too.  It’s great to have a second set.  I keep my set in my car in case I forget them and find myself driving at night. The glasses are really good quality.   I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Go here to get started.


You’ll pay shipping which is around $15.

(Thanks, Alicia’s Deals!)


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Reader Feedback

7 Responses to “Free Pair of Prescription Glasses from Coastal (just pay shipping)”

  • Michelle says:

    I know the 1st pair is free, but am I obligated to buy anything after that?

  • Janet Carrillo says:

    So my total is around $57. Is that right?. I am inputting the code.

    • Gina says:

      You should be paying just shipping and handling, which is about $15, unless you got more add ons like tinted lenses. ~ Gina

    • Gina says:

      I just did a trial order, select the bronze package on the lens, that’s the free one. And my total came to $16.80, which is only the shipping and handling cost. ~ Gina

  • Janet Carrillo says:

    Ahh soo I figured it out. I played with it for a bit and My prescription doesn’t qualify for the bronze package I can only get the silver or gold. Bummer but still an ok deal. (:

  • Janet Carrillo says:

    Ahhh so I played around with it and I’m such a genius that I input -7.5 instead of.75 as my prescription (: I guess it makes a big difference and that’s why it didn’t show me the option of bronze.

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