Dbacks Win ~ 50% Off Online Papa John’s Pizza Orders (Today Only)


The Dbacks winning or scoring a lot of runs means all sorts of great deals! I’ve never cheered so hard for baseball in my life. Come on…home run….strike them out…win the game….half priced pizza tomorrow…don’t have to cook dinner… That’s what I chant while we are watching. My husband just thinks I’m routing for the home team. Yeah, right! I’m routing for no cooking! Well, it’s a win/win, I suppose.

“All season long, the day after every Dbacks win you get 50% off your regular menu price online order. They won last night, so you get 50% off your total online order today!”

Order online at Papa John’s and use the code DBACKS50

It’s good today only, April 10th, but remember it’s after EVERY win, all season long! (home or away games)

If you haven’t tried the XL pizza, it’s only $1 more with the code and seems like the pieces are much bigger. We get 1 XL pizza and 1 Cinnapie for 5 people and it comes to under $10 when we use this code.  You can also place your order now and set it to be ready later in the day.  I always do this, so I don’t forget and then my husband picks it up at 5:00 on the way home from work.

Here’s some other codes in case you need to order another day:

Other codes: OAP2 for 40% off reg. menu items (through 7/31, donation made to Operation American Patriot) (Thanks, Lynn!)

Here are other codes I try, when I want to get 50% off my online orders . . .

ASU50 (after different sports teams win)
DBACKS50 (when in season)
COYOTES (when in season)
CARDINALS (when in season)
SUNDOGS (Prescott area only)

If those fail and you don’t have points saved:
SAVE25 (for 25% off)

If you are having trouble keeping all the Dbacks bonuses straight. Here they are:

If Dbacks score 6 runs or more (home or away game) get 3 free tacos at Taco Bell with a large drink purchase the day after the game.

Circle K has a Strike Out Meter for the Dbacks. During regular season home games, check their page here for the strike out total of the game. The more strike outs, the better the deal! Get the deal the day after the game.

Papa John’s deal is 50% off regular priced online orders the day after a win (home or away).


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