Giveaways & Sweepstakes ~ From $$$ & a Trip to Scotland to Butter :)

Awhile ago, I asked if anyone wanted me to post about sweepstakes and giveaways.  There was quite a bit of interest, but I just rarely take the time to find them.  I had some down time to pull some together, so here are a few you may want to try.  (Most of them came through an affiliate company I work with — meaning I get a small payment, when you enter.  I just want to be honest!)

If you have an “alternate” email address, that might be a good one to use.  Just don’t forget to check it, to see if you won!

My disclaimer is that I haven’t read all the fine print on these, so you’re on your own.  Here they are in no particular order . . .

Publisher’s Clearing House — $5,000 a week for life!
(At the link it say $7000, so ??  I’ll take either.  :)


Win a trip to Scotland — stay in a castle and more!

The Scotland sweepstakes is full right now.   :(


Win Zavida Coffee for a year (Facebook)

$500 Whole Foods Gift Card (Facebook)



Win Challenge butter (Facebook)
This one goes live at noon today (4/14).
I don’t know if it’s a true sweepstakes or the people who are quickest will get them all??


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