SUPER Stock Up TP Deal (22¢ per double roll after multiple discounts) ~ Target (Texting needed)

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Here’s a super deal on TP!  The gift card deal is in Target’s weekly ad.  Then, you can text for additional discounts.

Hopefully, you understand this.  It took me about 45 min. to find everything, wrap my head around it, and type it up.  Maybe my brain just isn’t working today!  Now that I look at it, it doesn’t seem so bad.  :)

You’ll need to get there by Saturday!

Charmin Ultra Soft Bath Tissue Double roll 24 pk   $12.99 (sale thru 4/19)
Bounty Towels 8 pk = $9.99
Bounty Basic 24 pk = $14.99
$10.00 Target gift card when you buy 3 (thru 4/19)
$10 off $25 Paper Item Target Mobile Coupon (text: BATH to 827438)
$5 off $20 Paper Item Target Mobile Coupon (text: PAPER to 827438)
$1/1 Paper Item Target Mobile Coupon (text: SPRING to 827438)
$1/2 Paper Item Target Mobile Coupon (text: THANKS to 827438)
$1/1 (gone, use if printed)
$0.75/1 (Basic, don’t think it’s included in gift card offer, but just in case . . . )
$0.25/1 Charmin Product 03/30/2014 P&G Insert (exp 4/30/14)
$0.25/1 Bounty Towels or Napkins 03/30/2014 P&G Insert (exp 4/30/14)
Also check for any Target mailer coupons you may have.  They often have P&G products in them.
Final price:  It’s complicated!  :)

Note:  If you’re using both the $10 and $5 mobile coupons, you will need your total to be at $45, before manufacturers’ coupons are taken off and after Target store coupons are taken off.

Here’s a deal idea for you:
Buy 3 Charmin ($12.99 x 3 = $38.97)
Buy 1 Bounty 8 pk ($9.99)
$38.97 + $9.99 = $48.96
Use the SPRING & THANKS mobiles = $46.96
Your total is high enough to use both BATH ($10) & PAPER ($5) mobiles
$46.96 – $15.00 = $31.96
Use any manf. coupon you have.  I’ll assume you only have one $0.25 coupon for TP & paper towels = – $0.50
$31.96 – $0.50 = $31.46 (out of pocket cost)
$31.46 / 4  = $7.87 per pack (less if you have additional manf. coupons)
Get a $10 Target gift card, so like paying $21.46 = $5.37 per pack!
That works out to just over 22¢ per double roll of TP which is a definite stock up price!

I plan on buying two more packs of TP or paper towels, so I’ll get an additional $10 gift card since I’ll be buying 6 packs.  Basically, I’m looking at it as $5 off each of the two packs.  That’s a good deal to me!  (It’s about 33¢ for a double roll if you’re thinking of it as $7.99 for the 24 double rolls.)

I hope you’re still with me!  It probably sounds more confusing than it is.  Just go text the codes SPRING, PAPER, BATH & THANKS.  Then, go grab some paper products!

There are other super deals at Target this week, see the full list of coupon match ups.

(Thanks, Passion for Savaings!)


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Reader Feedback

4 Responses to “SUPER Stock Up TP Deal (22¢ per double roll after multiple discounts) ~ Target (Texting needed)”

  • Evie says:

    i just went i got 3 Charmin and 3 bounty i paid about 53.00 and got 20.00 back it was like paying 33.00 now i an heading back to get some goodies for Easter :) thanks so much this was a great deal :)

    • Juli says:

      Glad you took advantage of the awesome deal! I did close to that, but I got 5 Charmin and 1 Bounty. We go through TP like water, but not too many paper towels. I guess I’m around to notice and tell the kids, “What? Why are you using three of those?” — not so much with the TP. :)

  • Evie says:

    So true !!!! We use lots of both. I used the 20 i got back on games for kids easter baskets using cartwheel and paper coupons and play doh then i did the aveno for my lil one and got 5.00 back. Pluss the 2.00 from check out 51 it was a great shoping trip i just get frustrated because it took me abot 3 hours at the store i need to learn to get faster at shopping!!!!! Thanks for your help it makes a differance in my family of 7 God bless

    • Juli says:

      On that trip, I only got TP & paper towels, so it was super quick. Well, except at the checkout when I was trying to pull all those coupons up. I was confusing myself. I’m smart phone dumb, so that was part of the problem. BUT, I was there the night before, for longer than I’ve ever been there. I was looking for clothes, with my girls, but still . . . Target is confusing!! There is just too much going on at Target . . . reg. insert coupons & printables, Target coupons (some are manf.), mobile coupons (many different!), Cartwheel, and even mailers sometimes. Throw in the thing like Ibotta & Checkout51 and it’s insanity!! Some stack, some don’t — all drive me nuts! Glad you figured it out and got your bargains, though! You’re not alone with the time it takes at Target. :(

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