Local Dines ~ 50% Off Certificates + 10% Off Today


One of the places we consistently buy through, Local Dines, has a one day coupon code!

Use: APR22

There are a bunch of Phoenix area restaurants to choose from. They are 50% off (or slightly more every once in awhile). Add in the coupon code and you’ll save even more. There is also a $1 processing fee. (When I added another one, the processing fee went up to $1.20 for me.)

I’ve used them many times before and redemption is super simple. There are no minimum ordering requirements on them, but you do have to pay tax and tip, in addition. The certificates are rarely able to be used on specials, only full price menu items. They have links to their menus, so it’s a good idea to check out their prices since some a pricey. Most seem to have reasonable prices, to me.

Check out the variety at Local Dines and see what you can find in your area!


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