Fry’s ~ Foster Farms Chicken ~ 50% off Plus Printable Coupon!


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I just got an email from Kara.  She found a Foster Farms fresh chicken coupon on SmartSource.  I had to use her zip (85345) to find it since it wasn’t in mine.  Sort by “food” and it will be on the first page.

It will make a bargain, with the 50% Foster Farms chicken sale at Fry’s!


Add it to your Fry’s list (click green plus sign), but be sure to check out our Fry’ master list.  It’s huge!

Foster Farm Fresh Chicken   50% off (thru 4/29)
$0.75/1 Smartsource (use zip 85345, worth $1) (Thanks, Kara!) NEW
Final price:  Varies


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Reader Feedback

4 Responses to “Fry’s ~ Foster Farms Chicken ~ 50% off Plus Printable Coupon!”

  • jp says:

    I;m not finding this coupon at all and I’ve tried multiple zips?

    • Juli says:

      It’s still there for me since I haven’t printed it yet. I’m waiting on Amazon to send me ink, hopefully this afternoon!!

      Are you using the zip I listed? 85345

      I forgot to put it after the coupon, but it’s at the top of the post. I added it to the other spot, too, since that’s where most people are used to looking. Actually, I remembered that I forgot (earlier) and added it, but I guess I forget to save it!?!? Or, I’m losing my mind. Either way, not good, but it’s there twice now. I hope that will do the trick for you!

  • jp says:

    It’s still not showing for me on my office computer even with 85345, but I went upstairs and I was able to print from that computer! So bizarre….anyway I got it, so thank you for the extra effort!

    • Juli says:

      It’s possible that you printed it a long time ago. I don’t like how Smart Source just makes coupon disappear once you print them. I try not to print from my primary computer, so that I know if they’re still there. But, sometimes, I can’t resist the deal and extra prints. Glad you stuck with it and got them!

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