Dutch Bros Coffee ~ Get 9 Stamps on Wednesday (12pm – close)w/ Purchase (10=Free Drink!)


Note:  Make sure you notice . . . it’s only 12pm – close!

Update:  I just saw an update on their FB page.  It said it excludes the West Valley.  :(

I’m ignorant of most coffee matters since I don’t like it.  I saw this on the Dutch Bros Facebook page earlier today . . . (I follow them for you, if you’re wondering.)  :)

Tomorrow is the day! 9 STAMPS for any large drink purchase from noon-close.”  (Tomorrow = Wednesday, 4/30)

I ignored it since it didn’t sound like a good deal to me.  I thought you had to PAY 9 stamps to get it.  And, how many of you would really have 9 stamps??

Thankfully, I got an email from Stacey who has a clue.  Here’s what she said . . .

“Heads up that tomorrow is a 9-Stamp day at Dutch Bros.  Buy one large drink; get NINE stamps on your DB card.  Ten stamps (usually one per drink) equals a free drink, so this is a pretty darn good deal.”

In my bargain brain, that means buy two, get one free — much better than paying 9 stamps you may not have!  :)


(Thanks, Stacey!)


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