FREE Angel Soft TP & 9¢ Taco Seasoning ~ HURRY & PRINT!



The good RedPlum coupons never last long.  Print these new coupons now and get your bargains at Fry’s & Safeway.

Angel Soft Toilet Paper (4 Rolls)   99¢ (thru 5/13)  AT SAFEWAY
$0.45/1 Redplum (worth $1, use zip 85225 if needed) NEW
$0.25/1 printable (worth 99¢) (Reset for Marisela and Susan, but not for Juli or Gina!)
$0.45/1 Angel Soft 4/27/2014 RP Insert (exp 5/31/14) (worth 99¢) (Thanks, Kathleen!)
$0.45/1 Angel Soft 03/23/2014 RP Insert (exp 4/23/14) (Do Not Double)
Final price:  As low as FREE


McCormick Taco Seasoning Packet   59¢ (thru 4/29)   AT FRY’S
$0.50/2 McCormick Taco or Mexican Seasoning Mix 04/27/2014 RP Insert (exp 5/25/14) (worth $1)
$0.50/2 Redplum (worth $1) NEW

Final price:  9¢ each when you buy 2

See the full Fry’s list here and Safeway deals here.


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Reader Feedback

16 Responses to “FREE Angel Soft TP & 9¢ Taco Seasoning ~ HURRY & PRINT!”

  • Stacey says:

    Both Redplum coupons (Angel Soft and McCormick seasoning) are gone. :(

    • Juli says:

      They’re both still there, for me. Make sure you have your zip in (or try mine, 85225). Somehow, mine always likes to go back to Atlanta, GA on the very top. I have to change my zip to mine every time, to make sure I’m seeing them. Hope they’re still there for you!

  • maria renfrow says:

    I found both those coupons in today’s phoenix paper. So if you all get the phoenix paper today you still can get those two deals

    • Juli says:

      True! But, I’ll take as much free TP and cheap taco seasoning as I can. :) But, the paper are better than nothing!

  • HaroldS says:

    Thanks! 85225 works for me, but the 25¢ one says sorry. I was able to print a 55¢ one on their facebook too.

    • Juli says:

      Glad you got it! I think (can’t remember now) that the fb coupon is for a double pack. Maybe I’m confused, but check. I might have it backwards. Maybe it’s their website that has the double pack restriction. Okay, I should stop typing and have never started. :)

      • HaroldS says:

        No, it says “55¢ off one 4 double roll or larger” X 5/27 so a month after printing.

        • Juli says:

          :( So, that’s the one that can’t be used on the $0.99 pack. That’s a single pack. I was just at Safeway tonight and they were already out. But, they gave me a raincheck. I hope they restock soon since I have more than three coupons and will only use three with the raincheck. I’ll hope!

  • Eunice says:

    The angel soft toilet paper coupon is still there. I used 77477/85379 and was able to print 2 :-)

    • Juli says:

      Thanks! I never can figure out Red Plum. It may have been hiding for me since I already printed, but I didn’t think so since it was showing up early. It either reappeared or I was blind! Either way, it’s there . . . in 85225, too. Thank for letting us know!

  • maria renfrow says:

    I sent family member to get the angel soft toilet paper but sent them with the one that expired, but the cashier was super nice to my family and let them use the three expired ones just for that one time. Since it was less than 24 hours expired. Thank you Safeway for being so nice to my family who went for me while I wasn’t feeling good.

  • Marianne says:

    This dosent have anything to do with toilet paper but I was at Safeway on cactus a d 83rd ave. they have the Purina begin poppers pig on sale for 5$ and there was a 2$ off printable a few weeks ago plus we gave a buy tfe pig and get a refill bag for free. So for 3$ I got the pig and a refill bag. I didn’t look at the tag to see how long the sale is for (sorry) but good price for both!

    • Juli says:

      Thanks for sharing your deal! I won’t add it to the list since their coupon policy doesn’t allow you to use both coupons at the same time. It’s actually somewhat of a gray area at most stores, but I just like to have everything “clean” so it doesn’t frustrate people when they’re told they can’t do it. Stores vary on things like this. Glad you store did it!

      I hope your furry friend appreciates your deal. They look fun! I’m not sure what my dog would do, but I might have to try it out! :)

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