FREE Private Selection Mason Jar Dessert ~ Fry’s Digital Coupon


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Susan found this and asked me to test it and see if I could also load it.  I could, so you should be able to!

Download this Kroger digital coupon for a FREE mason jar dessert that will work at Fry’s!

The challenge may be tracking it down.  I’m pretty positive my regular store doesn’t carry them, but maybe some larger stores do.  Let us know where you find them, if you have any luck.

There are also a few other Private Selection coupons you can add, on the same page.


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Reader Feedback

5 Responses to “FREE Private Selection Mason Jar Dessert ~ Fry’s Digital Coupon”

  • maria renfrow says:

    What section of Fry’s are these in?

  • maria renfrow says:

    Thanks for the response on where to find them. I’ll let you all know which frys I find them At and if I find them down here in Tucson.

  • Heather says:

    I found this at my store (in Ahwatukee). Thanks! There were two flavors, peach delight and chocolate.

    • Juli says:

      Reports are trickling in, that they’re being found . . . gives me hope! I’m liking the sound of peach delight, but would happy to “settle” for chocolate, too. :) Thanks!

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