FREE Scope Outlast Mouthwash at Fry’s ~ Digital & Insert Coupon!


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Susan found this at her store in Scottsdale and I found it in Chandler.  I hope it’s widespread!

Scope Outlast (350mL)   $1.00 (unsure of ending date, display w/o date)   NEW
Look for a cardboard display or on an endcap.  It’s bigger than the travel size, which is $1.67 and only 250mL.
$1/1 Scope Mouthwash 04/27/2014 P&G Insert (exp 5/31/14)
$1/1 Fry’s digital (can’t use w/ paper coupon)
Final price:  FREE (probably not at all stores carry them)

Note:  We both tested the digital and it came off without any trouble!


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Reader Feedback

10 Responses to “FREE Scope Outlast Mouthwash at Fry’s ~ Digital & Insert Coupon!”

  • Tamara says:

    They had it at my store in Glendale also. But the coupon I got in my P&G insert is for $1.00 off 1.

    • Juli says:

      Glad you found them! The database had $0.75/1 listed, so another region must have gotten that one. I didn’t even notice since they’re both worth $1 and I just wasn’t fully thinking. I even had the coupon sitting right next to me since I only used the digital and went to verify the size (and cut it) before I posted. Duh! I just fixed it so that people aren’t confused. Thanks!

  • Mandy says:

    I didn’t see it in anthem:(. Does anyone live near here to let me know if any store near here has these?

  • Jaiden says:

    What Frys location in Scottsdale was this found at?

    • Juli says:

      She said she was at 90th & Shea. Hope they still have some. She said to leave some for her. She only got her one digital deal. :)

  • Tiffany says:

    Hello, I have a bunch of the scope mouthwash coupons but the 2 frys I went to do not have them, 83rd and deer valley or 63rd and bell.. Tamara, I will have to check out the frys on 59th and 101. Hopefully they still have them on sale, thanks for the location!

    • Juli says:

      I hope you can find them there. I haven’t been able to find them anywhere, since I posted about it. Susan found them, then I found them at a store near me (Alma School & Warner, in Chandler). There were a bunch left, but by the time I got back they were cleared out. Make sure you’re looking on endcaps or even for a cardboard display box, in the aisles. One store that I went to had the display box, but it only had dental floss left and the coupons our exclude that kind. :( Good luck!

  • Tiffany says:

    I went to the 59th and 101 frys and no luck. If anyone sees any more fry’s locations with these Scopes on sale, please let me know! i’ve tried 83rd and deer valley, 63rd and bell, and 59 and 101.. no luck…

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