Gone! ~ FREE Starbucks K-Cups Sample


Gone!  :(  (Thanks, Maria!)

Request a FREE sample of Starbucks K-cups coffee.

Please comment when it’s gone and we’ll update so other don’t waste their time.

(Thanks, Mojo Savings!)


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2 Responses to “Gone! ~ FREE Starbucks K-Cups Sample”

  • maria renfrow says:

    So I clicked on the free sample of Starbucks, then hit start, chose k-cups, then scrolled to the vanilla, but it doesn’t give me a choice to go anywhere else on the site. Any tips on what I should do? Wanted to get them for my college kid who got a keruig for xmas

    • Juli says:

      There was another “thing” on the page to click, but it’s gone now. Sorry, but you missed it. :( I just updated the post so that others know. Thanks for the comment.

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