Fry’s Mega Best Of (free enchilada sauce and green chiles and much more…)

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Susan & Gina hit Fry’s early this morning and we’ve been working away, to add everything to the current Fry’s list.  Look for NEW.  Items will continue to appear, but below are some of my favorites so far.

They are all part of the Mega Sale, which means you have to buy in exact multiples of 4.   You can read more details about the Mega sale, if you’re not familiar with them, on the top of the master list.

My favorite deals are these, that you don’t even need a coupon for!

Update:  It looks like these tags are being pulled and the deal may not work anymore.  It sounds like it was a corporate decision.

** Casa Fiesta Green Chiles FREE / $1.00 (Buy 4, Save $4) ??

** Casa Fiesta Enchilada Sauce FREE / $1.00 (Buy 4, Save $4) ??

** Casa Fiesta Refried Black Beans FREE / $1.00 (Buy 4, Save $4) ??
Several people have confirmed that the free Casa Fiesta tags have been pulled and it’s no longer ringing up with an extra $4 off, on 4/24.

** Casa Fiesta Taco Shells (12 pack) 50¢ / $1.50 (Buy 4, Save $4)

** Casa Fiesta Jalepenos (jar) 79¢ / $1.79 (Buy 4, Save $4)


Note:  The free items were only tagged at $10/10 at my store.  (Susan’s had official Mega tags.)  I tested them and the $1 came off each one.  Just make sure you’re buying in multiples of four and you’re set . . . unless they change it.  I tested it on 4/23, in the afternoon.  ~ Juli

Here are some more great deals:

** Speed Stick Gear Body Spray or Deodorant   $2.49 / $2.99   NEW
$2/1 (Deodorant or Body Spray, gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link)
$1.50/1 Speed Stick Gear Body Spray 04/06/2014 SS Insert (exp 4/26/14)
$1.50/1 Speed Stick Gear Antiperspirant/Deodorant 04/06/2014 SS Insert (exp 4/26/14)
Final price:  As low as 49¢ / $1.49 (Buy 4, Save $4)

** Herbal Essences Shampoo, Conditioner or Styler   $1.99 / $2.99   NEW
$3/2 Herbal Essences Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling Product 03/09/2014 SS Insert (exp 4/30/14)
$1/2 Herbal Essences Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling Product 03/30/2014 P&G Insert (exp 4/30/14)
$1/2 Fry’s digital (can’t use w/ paper coupon)
$15/$50 MIR printable
Final price:  As low as 49¢ / $1.49 each when you buy 2 (Buy 4, Save $4)

** Snikkidy Eat Your Veggies Chips   $1.49 / $2.49   NEW
$0.75/1 printable (register, worth $1)
Final price:  49¢ / $1.49 (Buy 4, Save $4)

** Crystal Light Powdered Drink Mix   $1.50 / $2.50   NEW
$0.50/1 Crystal Light Powdered Tea Drink Mix 03/16/2014 SS Insert (exp 4/30/14) (worth $1)
$1/2 Crystal Light Drink Mix 4/27/2014 SS Insert (exp 5/31/14) (future, if we get it)
$1/1 Facebook (must share with 3 friends on FB to get coupon)
Final price:  As low as 50¢ / $1.50 (Buy 4, Save $4)

** Glad Food Protection Containers   $1.99 / $2.99   NEW
$1/1 printable (take pledge to get coupon)
Final price:  99¢ / $1.99 (Buy 4, Save $4)

** Hormel Compleats Entree   $1.99 / $2.99   NEW
$1/1 (gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link)
$1/1 printable
$1/1 Hormel Compleats Breakfast Product 04/06/2014 SS Insert (exp 6/2/14) (if included)
$1/1 Fry’s digital (can’t use w/ paper coupon)
Final price:  99¢ / $1.99 (Buy 4, Save $4)

** A1 Sauce (10 oz)   $2.29 / $3.29   NEW
$1/1 A1 Sauce or A1 Dry Rub 04/06/2014 SS Insert (exp 5/4/14)
Final price:  $1.29 / $2.29  (Buy 4, Save $4)

** Snyder’s Korn Krunchers & Select Others   $2.49 / $3.49   NEW
$1/1 Snyder’s Flavored Pieces, Korn Krunchers or Sweet and Salty 03/02/2014 SS Insert (exp 4/30/14)
$0.75/1 SavingStar eCoupon (Korn Krunchers, future savings)
Final price:  $1.49 / $2.49 (or possible future savings) (Buy 4, Save $4)

And, here’s a non-Mega deal (Thanks, to Isabel for catching that it’s not a Mega deal.)  Sorry for the mistake!

SoBe Juice, Lifewater, Propel, Aquafina or Kickstart 69¢ when you buy 10 (must buy in groups of 10, mix and match)

Keep checking the current Fry’s list as we’ll be adding more as the day goes on.


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Reader Feedback

9 Responses to “Fry’s Mega Best Of (free enchilada sauce and green chiles and much more…)”

  • Luna says:

    How can the enchilada sauce & chilies be free w/o a coupon? They say 10/$10…That’s $1 each.

    • Juli says:

      Yes, what Penny said below. Make sure you’re buying in exact multiples of four and you’re set. (Mix & match with other items on the list that say “Buy 4, Save $4”) I just tested it (though my store was out of chiles) and it all automatically came off. I also found that the black beans were also free. Hope your store has some. My store had only had a total of 7 free items left. :( They’re going fast!

  • Penny says:

    Those items are part of the Mega Event, so when you buy 4 participating items you get $1 off each item. (Buy 4, save 4).

    • Juli says:

      Thanks, Penny! I started to get a little worried that one store was tagged wrong or something. I went and tested it. That’s what happened with the Sobe. I tested the Sobe and it didn’t work, though it was signed on a big display at Gina’s store. The Casa Fiesta items weren’t tagged at my store, but rang up as part of the Mega. Hope you get some!

  • Rhonda says:

    My Frys in chandler only had them labeled 10/10 as well but they did ring up with the $4 discount in multiples of 4. Free is great!

    • Juli says:

      Glad you got brave and gave it a try! :)

    • HaroldS says:

      Fry’s at Olive & 91st Avenue shelf price is $1 for green chili, but 4 did not bring up mega. Have they corrected this?

      Also the Shamrock added calcium milk is fat free – ugh! and was $2.07 there, so $1.07 after cpn. (it’s not a gallon) What am I going to do with 2 jugs? My bad, didn’t read the label until I got home. Does it work for instant puddings, with chocolate milk mix, etc?

      And did find the 12 pk Nestea there. But only lemon? Do they make anything else? If we don’t like it, I’ll take to where I volunteer, maybe someone there will like it.

      Thanks for all you do.

      • Juli says:

        Sorry about the milk. I haven’t even paid attention. I’ve gotten it before, but we use very little milk. I’m not a milk pro, so I don’t now what to tell you for uses. I think it will work just fine for puddings and mixes. I used it like we normally do (tiny bit in cereal, for making soup, and for mac & cheese). On a positive note, at least you paid $0.02 less for the milk, than my store had them marked for. :)

        Yesterday, I heard conflicting reports about the Casa Fiesta stuff coming off. It sounds like all stores pulled the tags, but some were still ringing up with the discount. I thought it would be an all or nothing thing, so ?? I’m guessing it’s completely pulled, by now. :(

        I’m not sure about the lemon Lipton. Does anyone else know?

        Sorry for a less than ideal trip, but I hope you balanced it with some other super deals!

      • Gina says:

        Hi Harold. My Fry’s only had Nestea Lemon sweetened or diet. My husband loves lemon tea, but unsweetened. I got it anyways and know my Mom will drink it. But, I think that’s all they carry at Fry’s. Glad you finally got it and someone will enjoy it. ~ Gina

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