Get 2 Free Phoenix Zoo Tickets w/ Tree Purchase at SummerWinds


This is a pretty neat promotion.  Buy any 15 gallon tree or larger (excludes citrus trees) at one of the four SummerWinds nursery locations, you will get 2 free tickets to the Phoenix Zoo!

The trees will also be 20% off!  Receive one ticket for each additional tree you purchase (excludes citrus).

While supplies last, through April 30th.

Here’s more information.

(Thanks, Rosemary!)


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Reader Feedback

4 Responses to “Get 2 Free Phoenix Zoo Tickets w/ Tree Purchase at SummerWinds”

  • John says:

    The last coupon Albertsons had was $10 off $75 after coupons
    does this $40 coupon have any stipulations. From out town
    won’t be Tucson until Sat. Thank you

    • Gina says:

      It doesn’t state anything about before or after coupons. It just says your grocery purchase must be $40.01. It does exclude tobacco, stamps, gift cards, etc… And their is a a limit of 1. That’s all it says really. Hope that helps. ~ Gina

  • John says:

    Anyone work that coupon I’m on my way to Albertsons

    • Gina says:

      Just read on FB that it’s working great. Some people even found hang tags on the captain morgan. Hope everything goes off without a hitch! ~ Gina

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