Possible Money Maker on La Brea Bread & Pure Leaf Tea for 19¢ ~ Fry’s

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Before it gets Mega-crazy around here, I wanted to whip out a couple “easy” deals for you, with printables.  I don’t want them to disappear on you!

Possible money maker on fresh bread at Fry’s . . . (Thanks for the coupon alert, Suzie and for the price, Susan!)


La Brea Bread (individual loaf, with fresh baked items)   99¢   NEW
Full loaves start at $3.29
$2/1 Facebook (must share, look for the fancy “share” in the middle of the screen, will change to “redeem” after you share, thanks, Suzie!)
You may want to print the coupon (says “redeem”) before filling out the form that appears, after sharing.  I was able to get it, but it’s not working for everyone, so maybe that’s the issue??
Final price:  FREE + $1.01 toward another item (if indiv. at your store)

And, here’s another non-mega deal Gina found.


Lipton Pure Leaf Tea (single)   $1.19 (thru 4/29)   NEW
If you buy 10, you’ll save $5, so only 69¢ each. Remember, they’ll only make three coupons worth $1, at one time.
$0.50/1 printable (tea bags or unsweetened product, watch video first, says “redeemable at Target” but manf. coupon they should take)
Final price:  19¢ each if you buy only one or two (If you use two coupons, the print limit per device, and get 10, they’ll be 49¢ each.)

We’ll be getting Mega deals on the list very soon, so keep looking for NEW on the current Fry’s list.


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4 Responses to “Possible Money Maker on La Brea Bread & Pure Leaf Tea for 19¢ ~ Fry’s”

  • jp says:

    I’m not seeing any Lipton coupon on Target???

    • Juli says:

      So sorry! Thanks for catching it! The short version is the the program my husband wrote to do it’s “magic” did a little too much magic. It swapped out the link, to go to the Target website since it “saw” the word “Target” in the URL. I didn’t think of that. I got it updated. Thank you for taking the time to comment, so others can get it!!

  • jp says:

    Thanks Juli….finally got it!

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