Problem Printing Coupons from RedPlum or SmartSource? ~ Possible Solutions . . .


If you’re having problems printing coupons from RedPlum or SmartSource, give these solutions a try.

#1:  You can try to set your Java security setting to “medium.”  More details on that here (Thanks, Michelle!)

#2:  Ryan gave us step by step instructions that might work.  (Thanks, Ryan!)

To make a simple explanation Redplum recently changed to a print plug in of their own instead of Java.  If you still have Java installed it will not prompt for their plug in to install.

1. Uninstall anything that says Java (Java 6/7/8 Update XX) in the Add/Remove Programs list (Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove)
2. Visit Redplum in FIREFOX (Use this link, if you need to download.)
3. Click a coupon to print (It will actually print so make it good!)
4. You should now receive a pop up for Print@HomeWeb…..
5. Click “Save File”
6. Double Click to install the program
7. Let it install
7. Your printer should produce the print!
8. When you eventually want to print from Smartsource you will need to reinstall Java (Redplum will still continue to work.  Don’t worry!)

#3  Look for a red “lego-like” graphic, to the lit of your URL, in Firefox.  Also, you may need to “run” the program.  (Thanks, Christine!)

I use Firefox and if I click on the brick in the URL line a window pops up and asks me if I want to “allow and remember.” I couldn’t print from RedPlum forever until I uninstalled and then reinstalled Java and then told the browser to activate the plugin automatically when I visited the site.  Also, Java wants to put that nasty Ask toolbar on your computer whenever you update, so be sure to uncheck that box.”


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Reader Feedback

4 Responses to “Problem Printing Coupons from RedPlum or SmartSource? ~ Possible Solutions . . .”

  • acouponer says:


    Thank you so much

    I was not a happy couponer.

    They may need to employ you at Redplum.

    I am printing again yay.

    • Juli says:

      Good!! I’m too busy for another job, but if I need a recommendation I’ll dig this up again and email you. :) Glad you you’re feeling some Red Plum love again!

  • T9030 says:

    I am having the same issue I cannot print from either of the sites. I’m getting extremely frustrated especially since I’ve been eyeing a great coupon. I have all my software up to date, Safari, Java (smart source), Print@Home (red plum). I have a brand new macbook air no issues there. If i remember correctly I was able to successfully print a few weeks back for the Red Plum but now I can’t. I uninstalled and reinstalled… nothing. PLEASE HELP!! I’ve read tons of other FAQ and resolutions…. nothing has worked.

    • Juli says:

      I’ve had people tell me the step by step directions (listed above) work. Other than that, I just really don’t know what the issue is. I know I was able to print a Brawny coupon a couple days ago from Red Plum, so I’m a lucky one . . still able to print. I would take the time to give you step by step directions, if I could. I just don’t know — so sorry! Hope you get it figured out soon. I’ve had problems with coupons before and I understand the frustration. Good luck!

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