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Update:  Priscilla just got it today (Tuesday, 5/6).  I thought it was a one day deal, but maybe it will go longer than today, too!??!  Give it a try!

You can get a free eBook called Couponing for Beginners through Amazon, today (5/5/14) only.

It’s formatted for the Kindle, but I know many other readers recognize the formatting.

The sub-title is “How to Save Thousands a Year Couponing.”  I believe it — and you should, too!  Stick around and you won’t need the book.  :)

But, I thought this might clarify some things and motivate some of you.  I have to add that I haven’t read it and don’t plan to.  I have no idea what’s in it or how valuable it is.  It just sounded like something that might be of value.  If you’ve read it, let us know what you thought.


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