$10 FREE App Credit + $1 MP3 Credit from Amazon ~ Android Users (GOT EVEN BETTER!)


This is a smokin’ deal if you have an Android and want some app credit!  It won’t cost you anything and you’ll end up with $11 (MORE, see update!) in credit ($10 in the app store & $1 for Amazon MP3 albums or singles.) PLUS another BONUS — see update below!

My husband tested this.  (He’s not sure what happened, but he only ended up with 800 coins.  He thinks that it might be because he did the “purchases” from his laptop and never actually downloaded the apps onto his phone yet, but ??   You may get the full 1000 coins if you do it on a mobile??  Obviously, you can also delete any app you don’t want.  Of course, they might be some great apps!  Update:  Kimberly did it directly from her Android and she got all 1000 pts!  (Thanks, Kimberly!)

Update:  Here’s a message I got from Carl.  I haven’t tried it, but see that the product description does say that you’ll get 2000 coins! (Julia just verified — got them, also!  Thanks, Julia!)
After you get your 1000 coins, you can purchase Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for 699 coins and instantly get 2000 coins back!  You can do this even if you don’t have a device that can play GTA.  Just log into  your amazon account on amazon’s site and purchase it.  It will warn you that you don’t have a compatible device, but just click the button that you want to buy anyways.  It’s an extra 1701 coins just for a few clicks!  (Thanks, Carl!)

Note:  If you want to get Mine Craft Pocket edition ($6.99 or 699 coins, you get back 350 coins.)  (Thanks, Carl!)

You will “purchase” these five apps at this one link:  (They are all free.)
iHeart Radio
Food Network in the Kitchen
Strawberry Shortcake Bake Shop
Dr. Panda’s Restaurant
Don’t Step the White Tile

You will get 200 coins (app “money”) for each one.  (We’re not positive which one may not have given my husband the 200 coins.  Let us know if you figure it out!)  200 coins is equivalent to $2, so it will be like having $10 to spend.  It may not be clear that you have those, but when you go to make a purchase, you will see them and it will be deducted from your purchase.  The tax will even be “paid” in coins, when you make your purchase.  (I don’t know when the coins will expire, so I would try to use them soon.)

Plus, you will get a $1 credit for Amazon MP3 albums or singles when you download the Food Network app.  You will get an email about that one.  The credit expires 1/31/15.

That’s $11 in free money — okay, credit, I know!  :)

Let all your Android friends know about this one!

(Thanks for the email, Patrick, & the link to Android Police!)


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15 Responses to “$10 FREE App Credit + $1 MP3 Credit from Amazon ~ Android Users (GOT EVEN BETTER!)”

  • Kimberly says:

    I just did this on my android and got the full 1000 points.

  • Julia says:

    I would have got the full 1, 000 but my four year old had just downloaded the strawberry short cake app earlier today and not through the right link. Bummer

    • Juli says:

      :( You may want to check. You might have received it?? I don’t think the link was super special, just got you to where you needed to be for all five in the same spot. But, maybe not!?! Glad you got the others, though!

    • Juli says:

      Go check out the update I added to the post!

      • Carl Killough says:

        Thanks for moving my info over to the right post, Juli. :) I tried the GTA: San Andreas trick myself, and it worked just fine even though I don’t have a Kindle to play it on.

        Then I went and bought Minecraft – Pocket Edition For 699 coins, but you get 350 coins back! Great game for my kids for free (what do you call that? half off free? haha)

        • Juli says:

          Okay, this is getting out of control! I’ll add another note, though! :) Keep ’em coming! I’m also working on another post soon — a $10 app credit when you buy select gift cards. Find some good apps! :)

  • Julia says:

    Just bought grand theft auto with coins and immediately got 2000 coins for the purchase. The coins are promotional and expire one year from when they were received.

    • Juli says:

      Glad it all worked out for you! We spent most of ours yesterday, so didn’t have enough to get the Grand Theft Auto. Oh, well! Thanks for the extra verification that it worked!

  • jenny says:

    Where do you see the available coins? I downloaded the first 5. Having trouble with gta.

    • Juli says:

      Hopefully, when you go to buy GTA, you’ll see that you can pay in your available coins. The only way we could see our coins is when we went to make a purchase and put it in our cart. It’s probably somewhere else, but they seem to like to hide digital credit. :( Good luck!

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