New Higher Value General Mills Printable Coupons


There are a bunch of new higher value General Mills coupons.  You will need to be registered with EverdaySaver.

I can’t seem to find a page where they’re all at, so you’ll have to print them one by one.  The good news is that there aren’t any ink-sucking ads at the bottom of each one!  (I turned my paper over and got one on each side.)

Warning:  Some of you will have trouble printing these.  It may depend on your browser.  When I’m using Firefox, a little brick/Lego looking thing appears to the left or my URL.  I have to click it, to kick it in gear.  Then, I had to click “run” sometimes, for some of the coupons.

(Thanks, IHeartKroger!)


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4 Responses to “New Higher Value General Mills Printable Coupons”

  • HaroldS says:

    Great coupons, but only 2 per account with your name printed on the coupon. Had to set up 3 accounts to print 6 coupons. Had same problem as you printing. Each computer seemed to have different Java requirements. But still great coupons making $1 off one item – needed the Bisquick q for this week’s SW sale.

    • Juli says:

      It was weird . . . some seemed to come right out of my printer, but others needed a little TLC to get them going. I don’t get it. Glad you got them!

    • Juli says:

      That link doesn’t get you to any of the high value ones. :( But, there are few other decent ones there. Thanks!

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