2 FREE Refreshe Ice from Safeway ~ Facebook & JustforU Digital


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Go here (Facebook) to request a coupon for a free Refreshe Ice from Safeway.
They are only giving away a limited number, so don’t wait on this.
You’ll get a coupon in the mail in 2-3 weeks!

You can get an additional coupon in Safeway’s JustforU account, in the “Coupon Center.”
Look under “beverages” in your app or online and load it to your card!
(Thanks, Ash!)

Please, leave a comment when it’s gone.  Thanks!


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2 Responses to “2 FREE Refreshe Ice from Safeway ~ Facebook & JustforU Digital”

  • Ash says:

    This is available in the app as well for those who can’t get it via facebook, it is under beverages! hth!

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