Discount for Jumpstreet, Tempe Paintballl, Sunsplash, Phoenix Zoo, Dbacks, & More!

The giveaway is over.  Congrats to Cindi!   For the rest of you, use the code BARGAIN to get a super deal on these passes!
This is the perfect time to buy them, to keep you and your kids happy all summer and have “leftover” fun for the rest of the year.  SUNSPLASH is included!!  It normally costs $29.99 to get in there!  For $10 more, you get tons more!!
If you buy them now, you can start enjoying them right away and make sure the kids don’t start summer break bored.  :)  If you buy tickets by May 26th, you’re automatically entered to win four infield tickets to the Dbacks game on May 29th, from Pogo Pass.

Get up to $1500 worth of Phoenix area for fun, for a full year, for only $39.98!

The value of these is amazing when you consider the regular prices of all these places.  Sunsplash is $29.99 for 48″or taller guests.  The Phoenix Zoo is $$20 for adults and $10 for kids.  The aquarium is $18.00 for adults ($14.40 online) & $13 for kids ($10.40 online).   Rattlers tickets start at right under $20. Etc, etc.!  There is so much more and most places let you go more than once!

Here’s what your annual pass includes:
To purchase:  Go to the Pogo Pass website and use the code BARGAIN to get it all for $39.98.

  • Sunsplash (anytime this season)
  • Sea Life Aquarium (TWO visits, anytime)
  • Phoenix Zoo (TWO visits, anytime)
  • Diamondbacks Games (TWO games)
    You can now register for games.  The schedule is posted!
  • Arizona Museum of Natural History (anytime)
  • ASU Sporting Events (women’s basketball, soccer, wrestling, volleyball, gymnastics, track and field)
  • Enchanted Island (FOUR visits, Fridays & Saturdays, most rides included)
  • Jump Street (TWO visits, Monday & Wednesdays, Chandler or Glendale)
  • Phoenix Rock Gym (TWO visits, gear is $5, if needed)
  • Tempe Paintball (TWELVE visits, one per month, not Saturdays,  includes gun rental, air & 100 paintballs!)
  • National Comedy Theatre (SIX visits, Fri. and Sat., with occasional Thurs.  Seating is limited.  Call the theatre to reserve seating.)
  • Skateland & Great Skate  (TWO visits per month, skate rental not included, but can bring your own)
  • Brunswick Zone  (TWO visits per week, shoe rental not included, excludes Sat. and some other special days)

To purchase:  Go to the Pogo Pass website and use the code BARGAIN to get it all for $39.98

**  Each person needs one, unless they’re 2 or younger.  Most places won’t charge admission and it’s not worth buying them one.  If you have a three year old, check the venues you will use and see what their policy is for three year olds.
Giveaway time!

One winner will get two Pogo passes!

To enter this giveaway . . .   Leave a separate comment for any number(s) listed below, no more than three total, separate entries.  (“I don’t follow” or “I don’t have” answers will be removed and won’t count as an entry.)  I use a program that automatically chooses the winner, so if you combine answers into one comment, it’s viewed as only one entry and won’t increase your chance of winning.  LEAVE SEPARATE COMMENTS!  Please don’t leave any more than THREE PER PERSON.  Thanks!

1)  Tell me anything you want . . . about anything or nothing — free entry.  :)
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The giveaway will end on Friday, May 30th, at 8pm AZ time.  I will email the winner and they will have 48 hours to respond.  If I don’t hear back from the winner by then, I will have to choose new one.

(I am an affiliate with Pogo Pass, but truly believe in the value of these passes –I  paid for ours!  The Pogo Pass sales rep. provided these tickets for the giveaway.)


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