Congrats ~ McDonald’s Treat Book Winners


Congratulations to . . .

1) Amanda: a . . .

2) Iris: S . . .

3) Tristine: t . . .

4) Nick: n . .

They all won two McDonald’s treat booklets, which will get them 24 free items.  I have sent them all an email.  If it’s you . . . please reply to that email soon!

Thanks to all who entered, especially those who made me smile with your reply to the question:

Will you take a lick or a spoonful of your child’s free ice cream cone?

I love that so many of you would sacrifice so that drips don’t happen and that you would be willing to take that special moment to teach about sharing . .  or just to take Mommy taxes.  I’ve done them all, and more … just to get a lick or bite!  :)

We’ll have another giveaway (golf related!) up tomorrow and a Pogo giveaway up next week.  Stay tuned!


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