Free 90 Day Supply of Vitamins ~ Order Every 90 Days (no credit card needed)


Here’s something we posted awhile back that’s still going on, if you missed it.
If you ordered before, you can order every 90 days when you run out.

Arizona Department of Health Services is giving away a
FREE 90 day supply of Vitamins with Folic Acid.

This promo is geared towards Women ages 18-25ish.

Just go here to get started.

You have to take a short “Power Me A2Z” quiz, just 6 questions.
Then, you can request your 90 day supply of vitamins.

They do not ask for any credit card or payment information.


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2 Responses to “Free 90 Day Supply of Vitamins ~ Order Every 90 Days (no credit card needed)”

  • D says:

    I just got mine in the mail on Friday. Not only did I get the vitamins but they sent a booklet, nail file , and a cute little bag. One of those cloth bags with the cord ties that can be a backpack. Couldn’t put anything too heavy in it but still useful. I ordered back on the original post so it does take a while for them to arrive.

    • Juli says:

      I just got mine, too. I was surprised at the extra goodies since this isn’t even the first time I ordered them. I thought something like that would go out to the new people, but I got spoiled with extra, too. I don’t remember if the first supply came with the bonus stuff or not. Glad to hear you received it!

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