Fry’s Social Media Changes (Just More Reasons to Like Us on FB!)


Our wonderful advertising rep at Fry’s just sent us an email to let us know of a few changes that will impact their social media.  We wanted to let you know about them.

Over the next 4 weeks, they will transition from Sitewire to iStrategyLabs to handle their social media.  What will this mean for you?  I will copy it word for word so I don’t mix anything up.

We are in a 4 week transition period which some of our Facebook traditions will be affected: 
1.       We will continue to email our ad preview to you, but it will not be posted on our Facebook page. 

2.      We will be offering our Facebook exclusive coupon on Wednesdays, however, we will not have a post by Fry’s to promote it.  It can also be found on the “Fry’s Exclusive Coupon” tab on our Facebook page. Please feel free to share the link for us.

Once our transition period is over we will go back to posting these again.

Just keep following along here with us and on Facebook.  You’ll still get all the Fry’s deals for the new ad (almost always on Monday).  Plus, we always include the Wednesday coupon link in the weekly Fry’s list and we do a special post on Wednesday morning which includes it.  So, if you stick with us, you won’t miss much!  :)

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