Summer Movie Deals in Arizona 2014 ~ Free & Cheap Tickets for Kids

There are all kinds of summer movie deals in Arizona. If I missed one, please let me know.

I gathered all these together in one place to make it easier for you. (As far as I know, AMC doesn’t have a program anymore, at least in Arizona.)

Click the links to get to the details about pricing, dates, movies, etc.


Harkins (state-wide)


Grand Cinemas in Tucson.


Digiplex in Surprise



Cinemark in Tucson & Mesa
(Thanks, Maria!)



Pollack Tempe Cinemas
(They usually have a coupon for free popcorn, on their Facebook page.)


Dickinson Theaters (Mesa & Goodyear)
I didn’t see information about this years program on their website or Facebook.
Check back if you are interested.  They had it last year.


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  • maria renfrow says:

    The cheap theater in Tucson on kolb road ( century gateway 12), has a summer deal for only G and PG movies. Buy a package for five dollars and each G or PG movie is a dollar each instead of 3.00 or on Tuesdays a 1.50. Great deal for families with young kids or any good movies with that rating for any age.

  • fmovies says:

    Nice share, Keep up the good work!!

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