“Operation Bikini Drop” Update :)


Update on “Operation Bikini Drop”  :)
Below is my original Facebook post on Bargain Believer:
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At Big Surf with my kids and niece.  We stopped for a $2 investment at a thrift store…  Operation Bikini Drop is about to begin!  We hope to make someone in the wave pool wonder where it came from…and not get kicked out. :)   Two kids excited, one neutral, another mortified at the thought.  Perfect!  And if you haven’t entered the Big Surf ticket giveaway, enter to win four tickets now!

Many have asked, so here’s the long story … I’m a rambler, so I couldn’t do this as a short Facebook post.

During a lunch conversation at Subway, before we headed to Big Surf, I thought of a prank to play when we got there.  What would people do if they found a bikini top floating in the wave pool?  My niece (age 14) and daughter (age 12) thought it would be hilarious.  My other daughter (almost 11) was not so sure, but not dead set against it.  My 14 year old son was mortified at the thought.  I figured it would be a great memory and stretch some of us in good ways.

So, we hunted down a nearby thrift store.  You’ll be happy to know we found a half price color tag and walked out with a bargain!  :)  Then, we just needed the guts to do it!

After a couple hours of fun, we decided it was time to begin “Operation Bikini Drop.”  I smuggled the itsy bitsy teenie weenie purple striped bikini top into the wave pool.  My niece was in charge of proper placement.  We were trying to float it near adults, preferably women or a couple.  This is harder than you might think!  Half the fun was choosing who our victims happy recipients would be.  We ended up doing it twice.

As soon as group #1 and group #2 found it, they immediately laughed and couldn’t believe it.  Their expressions and conversations with each other were both priceless!  It didn’t take long for it to hit them . . . this was quite serious!  Everyone who saw it frantically looked around for who might be missing it.  Both times, the man picked it up and started waving it around asking if anyone was missing it — 33% worry, 33% disbelief, and 33% laughter.   I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt, with only 1% hope.

Man #1 laughed and threw it, after not getting any takers — even after displaying it quite well, in a helicopter motion over his head.  We lost track of itsy bitsy until we heard and 8ish year old boy shout, “Dude, look, a bra!”  His male friends came over and weren’t sure what to do.  They didn’t have much time to ponder it since a wave was about to carry it away.  It was clear that touching it was the last thing they wanted to.  Who knows what that thing could do to you!?!?  Thankfully, they were saved by a wave.  My daughter quickly swam by and scooped it up before anyone noticed.  We got it back and didn’t even blow our cover.  We were now set for trial #2.

Guy #2 looked more worried than guy #1, after he realized the owner wasn’t nearby.  Before he passed it off to his wife, he told another guy something like, “Hey, I found your suit.”  So, don’t feel too badly for him.  He had his moment of fun.  The frantic family search seemed to go on too long.  These people were serious about finding the owner.  I couldn’t stand by and let the woman worry anymore.  I went, grabbed it, and fessed up . . . well, sort of.  I said, “They’re just messing with you,” and pointed to my kids.  I couldn’t bring myself to say “we’re messing” with you.  Well, you know . . . I am a responsible adult and all!  They thought it was funny.  Phew!

I decided that was the end of our fun and didn’t want to torture too many people.  I’m semi-nice, like that, sometimes.

I thought of trying to record the action from the shore, but since I didn’t know the people (size, strength, connection to lawyers, etc.) and the lingering thought of jail was stuck in my mind, I didn’t.  But . . . very tempting — the recording part, not the jail part!  Besides, I would have missed out on some great eavesdropping.  Their facial expressions and conversations were the best part.  I doubt my kids or I will forget it, so I guess we don’t need pictures.

My niece has a season pass to Wet ‘N Wild and goes with her friends.  She ended up with the valuable treasure.  Be on guard, if you go there.  :)


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