Big Surf Tickets for Only $11.20


Today (Sunday) is the last day to get Big Surf tickets for $11.20.  (They will be $14, after the discount code expires.)

I probably don’t need to tell you . . . this is a rock bottom price.

Purchase tickets through Living Social for only $14 each!  That’s about 50% off.
And, through 6/29/14, use the code JUNE20 to save an additional 20%!  Pay only $11.20!
Update:  Thru 7/6/14 use code 14JULY for 14% off … making them bout $12.00.
This will last about two weeks, through approx. July 7th, 2014.

If you prefer Sunsplash or want to go to another water park this summer, make sure you consider a Pogo Pass.  It includes one free admission there.  Go here to get details on that bargain!


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