Herdez Salsa Coupon Reset (FREE – Cheap!)

$0.50 off ONE (1) HERDEZ Salsa
I just saw this $0.50/1 Herdez salsa coupon pop up again when I was printing what I wanted before the end of the month.  I think it’s a reset, since I know I print it whenever I see it and I just printed two more.

The cans are $1.09 at Safeway (reg. price) and 99¢ at Fry’s (reg. price).  I’ve discovered that not all Fry’s carry them, though.  The coupon is worth $1 at both places, so a freebie or close!

Have you tried the cans of salsa yet?  They are pretty good — at least in my opinion and others who have tried it.  I wish the regular variety came in mild, but our wimpy mouths have survived.  (They also have a ranchera and salsa verde.)

Need a simple meal idea?  Take one can of salsa and dump it over some chicken or beef, in a Crock-pot — no need to add water.  Shred the meat and throw it in taco shells, in tortillas, or over nachos.  Simple & tasty!


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