Free Hercules Movie Ticket ~ Buy $25 Red Robin Gift Card Online or at Fry’s!


If you buy a $25 Red Robin gift card you get a free Hercules movie ticket from Fandango.

Update:  I just saw a display of these gift cards at my Fry’s (Alma School & Elliot in Chandler).  It’s a super way to get added fuel points.  You will get quadruple fuel points through June 17th!  Every $25 gift card will get you an additional 10¢ off, per gallon!  You don’t need to split up your transactions.   You can buy more than one at once.

Note:  When I went to enter my gift card # online, I got a message saying it had already been entered.  I’m not sure what’s up with that.  :(  I’ll have to email their customer service and see if they know what’s happening.  Hope it’s just an odd thing that happened to me!!
Here’s the reply I got — may be more widespread than just me:  “Thank you for your email.  We would like to apologize for the difficulties you have experienced while attempting to enter your gift cards.  We are currently working on the issue.  We will contact you once we know the issue has been resolved and you will be able to enter your codes again for your movie tickets.”

The ticket is valid for one admission (up to $12 value) to see Hercules at participating theaters through Fandangdo ticketing.  The reward code must be activated by 9/6/14 and the movie ticket expires 9/13/14.   Harkins, AMC, and other theaters are listed on Fandango’s website.  It seems to indicate you have to see that movie, but usually, you can see any movie you want.  Don’t count on that, though!

You make the purchase online, but there isn’t any shipping charge.

(Thanks, Susan!)


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