Kandoo Wipes Printable Coupon ~ 69¢ – 99¢ at Fry’s


Here’s a great deal on Kandoo wipes for you  . . . I don’t think all Fry’s stores carry the $1.69 size package, but most should have the $1.99 pack.

Pampers Kandoo Wipes (42-ct soft pack)   $1.69 (thru 6/17)
Not all stores carry 42-ct, but should have the $1.99 box.  (Thanks, Kara!)

50-ct box = $1.99 (thru 6/24); 100-ct = $3.99  (reg. price)
$1/1 Coupons.com (gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link)
$0.50/1 printable (worth $1)
Final price:  As low as 69¢

I’d like to thank Kara, who risked her life, for the picture on the left!  :)  She also had a similar one to the one on the right — that was safely taken by me.  :)

Kara said she’s short and the wipes were on the top shelf, so she had to stand in her cart.  I’m just glad she wasn’t rolling down the baby aisle, hanging on for dear life!  I can almost picture the whole thing.  It’s unfortunate that one of us wasn’t there to take a picture of her doing it.  :)

I love pictures since all the details are on the tag, but I don’t suggest following her example!!  Maybe I need to protect myself legally . . . Coupon and take pics responsibly and totally at your own risk!  :)

I just got the full story and have to update since I have a new picture in my mind now:  :)

“So… I went there with my 2 little girls, 3 & 5, took my 5 yr old out of the back of the cart, moved the cart so it was against the shelves & I told her to hold the cart still for me!  So, my life was in the hands of my 5 yr old daughter!  HaHa!  I was very relieved when I got out of the cart & realized that no one was watching me!  It would have been hilarious if someone did take a pic of me in the cart with my daughter holding it though!”  (Thanks for a good laugh, Kara!)

See the full Fry’s match ups here.


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