M&M Movie Sweeps ~ 500,000 Win a $6 Gift Card (I’ve won 3 times!)


This is just a reminder to do this every day.  I’ve won three times and my husband won twice!  We are hearing from lots of winners.

It’s kind of complicated, but hang in there with me.

First, text the word MOVIE to 78787

They will text back right away asking for your birthday (MMDDYYYY).  Text that back to them.

Then, they will ask for your email address.

Then, you’ll either get a text back that says you won or that you lost.

After that, you’ll want to choose the option for “$6 to use at a movie streaming service.”

You can also pick $6 towards your cable bill for video on demand.  They will ask you for your account number and you will get a credit on a future bill.  Allison did this and said it took two billing cycles to show up.

Then, they will send over a PDF of your gift card.  It will look like this:

mastercardphoto credit: Alicia’s Deals

They changed this . . . no long available.  :(

Then, you can head to Amazon and buy a $6 gift card using your MasterCard gift card.

You can email the amazon gift card to yourself and apply it to your Amazon account.

At that point, you don’t HAVE to use it for digital streaming.  You can use it for whatever you want!

You can play daily through 8/10/14.

(Thanks for all the info and pic Alicia’s Deals!)


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Reader Feedback

13 Responses to “M&M Movie Sweeps ~ 500,000 Win a $6 Gift Card (I’ve won 3 times!)”

  • Chels says:

    Hurray! I finally won once! Only took me three days of trying, worth it!

  • Renee Schmutz Richins says:

    Oh, I didn’t know you could do this more than once. Thank you!

  • Erin says:

    How often can you enter?

    • Gina says:

      You can play once per day is what they say, but it’s like every 24 hours. I played one night and then tried the next morning and it said I already played, so stick with 24 hours. ~ Gina

  • Jaci says:

    Do you get any spam text messages?

    • Gina says:

      Nope. After the tell me if I won or lose, I just text Stop. Then, start all over the next day. But, nothing strange came through for me all at all, just the 3 or 4 back and forth with M&M. ~ gina

  • Em says:

    I also just won! Took me 3 days. On the second day, I did get an automated phone call about electronic cigarettes and I normally never get spammed…so I wonder about that, but can’t be sure how the spammers got my number.

    • Gina says:

      Glad you won! I haven’t gotten any spam and I’ve played every day. But you never know???? Hope you win again and don’t get any more calls! ~ Gina

  • Jacob says:

    Both my wife and I won thanks only took about 6 try’s total not bad odds

  • Laura says:

    My husband and I both have won! It was a little tricky to get the amazon gift card but it worked for both of us! So far, $12 to spend at amazon.com. Not too bad for a few quick texts once a day. I won on my 4th try and my husband won on his first try.

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