Cow Appreication Day on Friday = FREE FOOD! ~ Spots Ready?


I want to remind you that this coming up and assure you that it’s great fun!

Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A is approaching.  We do this every year.  I promise that you won’t be the only one who shows up in spots.  In fact, you might feel a little bit out of place if you go without spots that day.   :)

All the information you need is at this link.

Basically, if you wear a partial costume, you get an entree.  If you dress head to toe, you get a whole meal!

Simple spots will get you an entree.   If you wear black, do white spots.  If you wear white or any other color, use black spots.  Some people go all out, others just wear whatever they’re wearing and tape on some spots.

If you want a full meal, you can look through the photo gallery for “head” ideas.  Some are super simple, like a headband with ears attached or strip of paper around your head with ears hanging.  They also have something you can print out and tape on, if that’s more your style.

We forgot to get pictures recently, but this is my family, three years ago.   The spots are just black construction paper.  The masks are plain paper plates and a couple ZooPals paper plates that we modified — and then added string to tie them on.  I’m lazy.  I just put the stuff in a file and pull them out each year.




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