36¢ Tuna (TODAY ONLY) + Money Maker on Honest Tea ~ NEW Fry’s Deals


Update:  It’s now 89¢ (thru 7/29).

This tuna deal since it ends today (7/15).  I ran to the store to see if the shelf tag showed it went longer . . . nope!  I love good deals, but I hate the pressure to run out and get them, if I’ve already done my shopping.  BUT, if you haven’t or you’re more ambitious than I am, here’s a great price for tuna!

Want to hear the stupid part of what I did? …..  I ran there to get the ending date, but didn’t print my coupon and get tuna for myself.  I’m so dumb sometimes!!  :(

Chicken of the Sea Tuna (5 oz can)   69¢ (thru 7/15 ONLY)
Heather spotted $1/2 coupon in her Walmart, so be looking!  (Thanks, Heather!)
$0.75/3 Coupons.com (gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link, worth $1) NEW
Final price:  36¢ each when you buy 3

Here’s a deal that is going on today and will continue into next week, so no rushing needed!

Honest Tea (single)   69¢ (when you buy 6) or $1.00 each
$1.50/1 Facebook (gone, use if printed)  (Thanks, Harold!)
Final price:  FREE + 50¢  (or 19¢ each when you buy 6 w/ two coupons)

Here’s the link to the Fry’s sale list that ends TODAY.  Here’s the link tot he Fry’s list that starts on Wed. (7/16).

And, I’ll throw these new printables in, just in case they interest someone . . . (Click on the image to get right to the exact coupon — no hunting for it!)

$1.00 off any 2 Keebler™ S'mores Sandwich Cookies
$0.50 off any Formula 409 product
$5.00 off Scotch Expressions Tape $10.00 or more


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2 Responses to “36¢ Tuna (TODAY ONLY) + Money Maker on Honest Tea ~ NEW Fry’s Deals”

  • Erica says:

    Don’t beat yourself up!! We appreciate your hardwork and kindness. :)

    • Juli says:

      I went back and got my tuna and a few others things. Somehow, I thought the digitals that you could load once and use 5 times would go into this upcoming week. But, I realized they expire mid-week and the sales will probably be off. So, between a few of those things and the tuna . . . I made another journey across the street. If we ever move, I’ll have to tell the real estate agent that we have to live across the street from a Fry’s. :) At least it’s not far! You’re welcome, by the way. I’m glad I have an outlet for all the things I find. :)

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