98¢ Klondikes at Fry’s!! ~ Safeway Deal, Too!!

$1.50 off any one Breyers, Magnum or Fruttare
98¢ Klondikes at Fry’s!!  Need I say more??  Print two of these coupons  NOW!!

** Klondike Novelties (4 – 6 ct) or Breyer’s Ice Cream  $2.48 / $2.98  (Fry’s)
Note:  Breyers is in the new ad (starts 7/2) for $2.99 / $3.49.  The Klondikes may also go up in price.
$1.50/1 Coupons.com (gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link) NEW
Final price:  98¢ / $1.48 (Buy 6, Save $3)

It’s part of the Meg sale, see full list for details.  You will need to buy 6 total items in the sale, mix and match.   Here’s the Fry’s sale list that starts tomorrow, but these are also on sale today (with the other Mega items), if you want them — possibly cheaper than tomorrow??

You can also get them at Safeway.  See the full list here, for the sale that starts tomorrow, but it’s also going on now.

** Klondike Novelties, Ben & Jerry’s Pint, Reese’s Cups or Good Humor Bars, Magnum or Magnum Minis or Popsicle or Fudgicles   $2.49 (when you buy 3)  (Safeway)
Look for $1 coupons in front of products, at store.
$1.50/1 Coupons.com (select, gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link) NEW
Final price:  $1.49 each when you buy 3 (less if you have third coupon, from another device or see coupon at store) (Buy 6, Save $3)


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11 Responses to “98¢ Klondikes at Fry’s!! ~ Safeway Deal, Too!!”

  • john says:

    Thanks! The Klondike’s price will rise tomorrow at Fry’s, right?
    I have 10% off ice cream on my Safeway card. They usually take the 10% off the pre-$2.49 price, so in this case $3.49, so looks like I can get them for 64c a box tomorrow!

    • Juli says:

      The Breyer’s & Ben & Jerry’s is in the ad for higher, but I’m not positive about the Klondikes. There’s a good chance, since they’re the same price now, but we’re not positive. I forgot about that. I will add a note. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Deb Shreve says:

      Please explain your math John. I’m gonna blame the heat, I just dont get how you get to $.64 a box.

      • john says:

        They are $2.49 at Safeway. After using 3 of the $1.50 Qs, they are 99c each. I have 10% off ice cream, so 10% off $3.49 is 35 cents. Take 35 cents off each 99 cent box and you’re left with 64

  • Susan says:

    Popsicles are $1 at Fry’s so this is a moneymaker I believe.

    • Juli says:

      Darn! I already used my coupon, so I can’t check. Does it exclude the 8-ct box? Most coupons do, so I didn’t even look. They are $1, starting tomorrow (not sure if now or not), so if it doesn’t, it should be a $0.50 money maker! I still prefer the good stuff, though. :)

  • Eunice says:

    I bought 4 breyers ice cream, 6 lady speed stick deo, and 2 hamburger helper at frys and paid $4.50. Then went to walmart and bought another 2 breyers and paid $1.96. Great deals like this makes me want to have more coupons like a dozen lol.

    • Juli says:

      I know! I’m regretting that I didn’t print more coupons. We have an army of computers, but it’s very rare that I get on more than two. I should have! Or … maybe not! :)

  • Katie says:

    I bought the Popsickle brand 8ct today for $1 each so it was a $.50 money maker :) coupon scanned with no problem and they had a ton of varieties

    • Juli says:

      I realized the 8-ct wasn’t excluded, after I had posted this and then the coupon was gone. (The Posicle coupons usually do.) I decided not to mention it, especially since I didn’t know if the coupon would scan and how much drama this coupon would bring. Glad it worked and it was drama-free! :)

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