Free Bagel Dog at Einstein Bros. w/ any Purchase ~ Wednesday Only


The first 100 customers at Einstein Bagels tomorrow (7/16)
will get a free bagel dog with any purchase.

You will need to print this coupon.


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4 Responses to “Free Bagel Dog at Einstein Bros. w/ any Purchase ~ Wednesday Only”

  • Rhonda says:

    Have you ever seen discounts for SunSplash in Mesa? Thanks for your help.

    • Juli says:

      Last year, I think they had coupons for a few dollars off at Food City. It might be worth calling to see if they have them again. It wasn’t huge, but something. If you can’t find a super deal, you may want to go with a Pogo Pass. It will cost you more, up front, but will give you so much value in the long run. And, it’s only $10 – $20 more (kid vs adults). You get into Sunsplash for free, with a Pogo Pass, as well as a bunch of other places. The passes last all year. Most places you get in more than once, but only once to Sunsplash.
      Let us know if you find something good at Food City or anywhere else!

  • Rhonda says:

    Thanks so much. I did end up finding at Costco a day pass for $22.99 so that helps.

    • Juli says:

      I just saw on their fb page that you can bring a case of water (today only) and get b1g1 admission. You’re probably not going today and it’s probably too late, if you are. :( Thanks for the Costco price. I also remember they have Big Surf, including some sort of food deal. Thanks for the reminder! I totally forgot about Costco!

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