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If you’ve signed up for the myFry’s Extra’s, you should have some new coupons today.  The links they send in my email don’t work for me.  However, I can load them from the Fry’s website or their app.   In the app, they were at the bottom of all the coupons with a yellow “my extras” under them.

On the website, click below the list of coupon on the left, where you see “my extras” in yellow.


Coupons are not all going to be the same for everyone.  I got one for 99¢ New York croutons.  There’s a paper coupon for those (7/13/2014 SS Insert).  These digitals say they can’t be used with a paper coupon.  But, I’ve received several emails from people saying their store allowed it and they scanned without any trouble.  It’s up to you and your store . . . if that’s a freebie or not.


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7 Responses to “myFry’s Savings ~ New Coupons Today”

  • HaroldS says:

    Thanks for the reminder. I didn’t see the “my extras” when I checked this morning. But didn’t get anything exciting. Maybe Finish for $2.99, but we are pretty stocked on that.

  • Jen says:

    I got a myFrys price of .99 for the Cascade action pacs 14ct. The digital coupon said limit two in a transaction, but I didn’t see anywhere that a paper coupon couldn’t be used. I handed them to the cashier and they scanned without beeping! In the past I’ve forgotten about a digital coupon I loaded, I’ve handed over my coupons and it will beep when the paper one is scanned and the computer will tell the cashier a digital has already been used. The coupon did disappear after I used it in my transaction, so it looks like limit 2 in a transaction means limit 2 period. :/

    • Juli says:

      When you click on the digital coupon “more details” or whatever it says . . . it says it can’t be combined. I have had the exact same experience that you described and I don’t understand why they don’t make these do the same, if they really don’t want them combined. I think they are store coupons and need to mark them that way, but . . . until they do, we may not be able to combine them everywhere. Glad you could, though! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • HaroldS says:

    Strange trip to Fry’s today. We had 2 cpns for Kraft free to 8 oz shredded cheese (mailed). Also an eq for $1.50 off Kraft shredded cheese. Bought 2. $1.50 came off ea. But the free coupon did not do anything. Didn’t beep. Nothing. She noticed the 2 $1.50 came off, and said maybe you better save these for later. Said no, they were expiring and we wanted to use. Finally she manually entered $2.99 twice, so $3 mm there.

    Then had 3 Suave shampoos at $1 ea, gave 3 of the current 50¢ any Suave coupons. Only took off 50¢, which I pointed out to her. She asked another cashier who said probably a DND. No where on it does it say that, and anyway Fry’s is supposed to take even DND to $1. Finally asked a mgr who told her to just take off another $1.50. So those coupons must be coded to DND even tho it does not state that. So be careful if you are using them.
    Then I had gotten 6 more boxes of Bayer 81 aspirins giving her 6 $2 coupons. She said, you know we can only take 4 like coupons at one time but I’ll go ahead this time. I know they will only take 3 like coupons to $1, but didn’t know there was a limit on coupons over $1 ????? I’ve done six of these before and no problems. Whew.

    • Juli says:

      Well, you had some positives and negatives to that trip, huh? :)

      I rarely have more than three coupons, but I did a couple months ago. Whatever the coupon was, it really two coupons and I wanted to use 3 of each $1 coupon, for the same product. They would only take four. I never knew there was any limit when they weren’t raising the value. There didn’t use to be. It’s not in writing, but it seems like each store is doing their own limits. My store wouldn’t even budge on the fact that they were different. Maybe three were printable and three weren’t — can’t even remember. So, it sounds like you store is doing the same. :(

  • phxmomof2 says:

    I wanted to add to this conversation that I went to Fry’s today and used several My Fry’s Extra coupons and this is what I found out. If the Fry’s Extra deal is a special price, like my $11.99 Charmin Mega Roll 12 pack, a coupon can be used. If the Fry’s Extra deal is a “coupon” off, like my $1.50 off Bird’s Eye Voila meal, the paper coupon beeped because it is a “double coupon”. Not claiming to be an expert, but the manager who was checking me out agreed that might be how they are working since the Fry’s Extra coupons are mfg coupons too so you can’t use it with a paper coupon too.

    • Gina says:

      Thanks for the info. So, if it’s a price, you can use a coupon. If it’s a $ off, you can’t. That makes sense. I’m still trying to figure it all out, so I appreciate the info. ~ Gina

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