Pogo Pass Holders ~ Bonus Rattlers Game on July 20th ~ 60% Off Passes, for Everyone Else


If you have a Pogo Pass, you can register for a BONUS Rattlers game for free — meaning it won’t count toward one of the three free games you already get!  The Rattlers are playing the Portland Thunder on July 20th.  You can register for the game here, right now.

I also wanted to let Pogo holders know that they’ve reduced the number of times you can go to the comedy club from six to three.   They are also working on a new venue (which all current holders will get), so stay tuned.

If you don’t have a Pogo Pass — you “need” one!  I use “need” lightly, but if you have an entertainment budget and live in the Phoenix are, you really do!  :)

Here’s what you’ll get . . . and you’re automatically be entered to win 4 Disneyland tickets, for each ticket you purchase in July.

To purchase:  Go to the Pogo Pass website (That link should get you the $39.98 rate.  If not, use the code BARGAIN.)

  • Sunsplash (ONE visit anytime, valid this season)
  • Sea Life Aquarium (TWO visits, anytime)
  • Phoenix Zoo (TWO visits, anytime)
  • Diamondbacks Games (TWO games)
  • Rattlers Games (THREE games, dates will be added throughout season)
  • Arizona Museum of Natural History (TWO visits anytime)
  • ASU Sporting Events (women’s basketball, soccer, wrestling, volleyball, gymnastics, track and field)
  • Enchanted Island (FOUR visits, Fridays & Saturdays, most rides included)
  • Jump Street (TWO visits, Monday & Wednesdays, Chandler or Glendale)
  • Stratum Laser Tag (TWO visits, dates and times listed)
  • Phoenix Rock Gym (TWO visits, gear is $5, if needed)
  • Tempe Paintball (TWELVE visits, one per month, not Saturdays, includes gun rental, air & 100 paintballs!)
  • National Comedy Theatre (THREE visits, Fri. and Sat., with occasional Thurs. Seating is limited. Call to reserve seating.)
  • Skateland & Great Skate (TWO visits per month, skate rental not included, but can bring your own)
  • Brunswick Zone (TWO visits per week, shoe rental not included, excludes Sat. and some other special days)

To purchase:  Go to the Pogo Pass website (That link should get you the $39.98 rate.  If not, use the code BARGAIN.)

** Each person needs one, unless they’re 2 or younger.  Most places won’t charge admission and it’s not worth buying them one.  If you have a three year old, check the venues you will use and see what their policy is for three year olds.


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